Monday, August 4, 2014

bachelor bagz

About a month before our wedding, Austin and some of his guy pals took a little trip to the beach.  In other words, they had a bachelor par-tay!  

Luckily, my guys didn't get as crazy as these fools...

I was terrified excited for them to go on their trip, so I wanted to send something along for the boys to have fun with.  Off to Party City, Walmart, and Spec's I went!  I found lots of great supplies that I thought would be fitting for their beach getaway, and I think these little bachelor bagz are a good idea for any bride-to-be.  It's a sweet way to show your almost hubby (and his friends) some love.  Here's how I put them together:

First, think about your theme.  I went for "crazy beach party", but other ideas could be Vegas, Mardi Gras, Sports, etc.  Since it's a bachelor party, you'll want to make sure you include things like alcohol, snacks, funny accessories, and anything you know your man and his pals would enjoy.  For example, Austin loves a good fake mustache, so those were a must.  Once you have everything, lay it out in piles to make bag stuffing easier.

I ended up getting each guy a snack bag of cheez-its, tiny bottles of Crown and Fireball, a crazy straw, a fake mustache, a water gun, a pair of sunglasses, a few poppers, a lei, a kazoo, and some glow sticks.  It also worked out because Party City had everything in matching colors, so each guy's bag was color coordinated! (I know the boys really appreciated that!)    

One Bachelor Bag, Please!

Walmart sells colored paper sacks for mucho cheapo, so that was the perfect package for the bagz.  I just did a little assembly line using my piles, and everything came together pretty quick.

In the end, Austin and his amigos got a kick out of their party favors (unless they lied to me), so I was glad I made them!  

Other good ideas would be to bake cookies or some other snacks for the trip, make muffins or scones (do boys eat scones?) so they have something for breakfast, or create a personalized cup for each dude to drink out of during the party.  The possibilities are endless; you just have to think about the guests and make sure it's something they would love and appreciate!  

**NOTE: If you want to do this for your man, make sure you keep in mind how much extra space the guys will have as they travel.  I asked one of the drivers (shoutout, Stephen!) if he wouldn't mind hauling the loot for me, and he happily obliged.  This shouldn't be a problem for most boy trips since they don't pack as much as girls. :)  If the men are flying somewhere and don't have room for bagz though, think about getting a small gift for your groom to use during the trip.  A set of nice dominos, a shirt for when they go out, a bottle of his favorite liquor, or whatever else you think he might love!  

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