Thursday, May 31, 2012

project 365 vol. 20

Sunday May 20, 2012 
Last Sunday was the big golf tourney, and I know I already shared this gem with y'all, but here he is again.  QUIET! please.

Monday May 21, 2012
Over the weekend, we had to clean out our old apartment (remember the KABOOM?).  The only thing left in there was our pesky dryer that's been broken for a few weeks.  We needed it out of the apartment, down 2 flights of stairs, and to the dumpster.  This is obviously not a task that I could help complete.  So, Austin and I recruited our friend Alan.  I was at Wal-Mart right before the big move, so I grabbed some treats for my friendly movers.  I'm usually not a big fan of Wal-Mart brand items or Wal-Mart in general, but these little 100 calorie ice cream sammies are awesome!  Way to go Wally.

Tuesday May 22, 2012
I bought some of this cereal at the grocery store last week.  I used to eat this all the time, and I had sort of forgotten about it.  Man, I have been missing out!  I love it!  Long live Life.

Wednesday May 23, 2012
On Wednesday Austin and I were on the road.  He had a bachelor party to go to, and I had family stuff to do.  We got some dinner on the road at Wendy's, and what's Wendy's without a Frosty, right?  Yummmmm!

Thursday May 24, 2012
Last Thursday I went shopping with my mom.  We were at this place called Bering's Hardware, and we came across these.  They're dog beds that look like giant Crocs.  What will they think of next?  

Friday May 25, 2012
On Friday I ate at one of my favorite places to eat in the whole world: Barnaby's!!  If you live in or around the Houston area, you have got to go.  And order some sweet potato fries for goodness sake!

Saturday May 26, 2012
Last Saturday it was time for some family!  We went to my cousin Shane's baseball game to kick things off.  There he is swinging away...let's go Shanerrr!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

project 365 vol. 19

Sunday May 13, 2012
Sunday Sunday!  Mother's Day Mother's Day!  Pink mimosas Pink mimosas!  These were scrumptious!

Monday May 14, 2012
Do you see that big box coming out of the ceiling up there?  That baby, also known as an "air conditioner", was my nemesis last Monday.  Apparently the school I was subbing at on this particular Monday thought it was necessary to pump 50 degree air into the classroom all day long.  I wanted to cry.

Tuesday May 15, 2012
Look at that cute little I heart Jim (from The Office) mug filled with delicious blueberry tea!  Have you ever tried blueberry tea?  It is delicious.  It is especially delicious if you are feeling sick from demon air conditioners and need something to warm you up on a Tuesday morning.

Wednesday May 16, 2012
I have been wearing my glasses for about a month now because I am too lazy to order myself some new contacts.  However, all of this changed last week!  I went to my local Wal-Mart, and the nice lady at the eye place gave me a 3 month supply of contacts...wahoo!  The best part about getting the gift of spectacle-less sight?  Getting to wear sunglasses again!  And taking cheesy pictures of said sunglasses in my rear view mirror.

PS- Doesn't Buc-ee look cute just dangling there?

Thursday May 17, 2012
I know that it is probably the most cliché thing in the world to take a picture of my Starbucks drink and put it on the Internet.  However, this was my first grande sweetened passion tea lemonade of the summer, and so I really don't mind being cliché-y.  I love these drinks during the summer...especially if they are paid for using a gift card that came in my Easter basket :)

Friday May 18, 2012
Austin and I had to clean our old apartment last weekend before we turned in our keys and officially "moved out".  I used this cool KABOOM stuff that I've seen commercials a million times, and guess what?  It is awesome!  I sprayed some on our dirty tub, waited for the blue stuff to turn white, and KABOOM!  Clean tub-a-dub-dub.

Saturday May 19, 2012
On Saturday I took the certification test to teach high school dance!  I ordered this study guide to help me prepare, but honestly...if you just take dance for 18 years of your life, teach classes at a local studio, and minor and/or major in it at Texas A&M, I don't think you really need that study guide.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself--I find out if I passed in about a week!  Eeeep!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

the byron nelson championship

Today we went to the Byron Nelson Golf Championship.  

Now, it's no secret that golf is not exactly my favorite sport.  Most sports are not my favorite sport.  However, I love going to any sort of "live" sporting event...especially when there's the possibility of snacks!

My friend Collin got us the tickets to this cool tournament...thanks Collin!  Here is our group in front of the 18th hole:

Taylor, Collin, Austin, Me
After we made it to the course, we started walkin' around.  We stopped to snoop on some golfers about to tee off.

Then, we found a nice spot at the end of one of the holes.  Check out those houses on the left...wowza. The people who lived there were having parties in their backyards with fancy guests and glamorous food and drinks.  One place even had an outdoor pizza oven!  

...not that I was paying a lot of attention or anything.

Apparently it's popular to shout, "Get in the hole!" after a golfer takes his shot nowadays.  Who knew?

Here's Austie Marie and I cheering on our favorite golfers:

We ended the day by plopping down at the end of a couple of holes.  I liked the plopping part of the day.  Plopping plus shade was the perfect combo.

OH!  And plopping plus shade plus this quiet sign guy just plain made my day.  Golf is fun :)

After the tournament was over, the boys were inspired!  So, we went to Top Golf.  Here's some winning swings from Collin and Austin:

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

project 365 vol.18

Sunday May 6, 2012
I know that I have already shared this photo with you guys, but come onnnn...this baby is worth a second glance!  In case you missed it in my post about ATX, this is the "Flying Pig" doughnut from Gordough's, a wonderful food truck in the capitol of Texas.
Monday May 7, 2012
I love discovering new things on my trips to the grocery store.  Last Monday, I found these precious little mini farfalles in the pasta isle at my local Tom Thumb.  They tasted great and looked cute on my plate!

Tuesday May 8, 2012
Tuesday night=Big League Chewbacca kickball.  The Baccas are currently undefeated, and I know it's still early in the season, but I think they could take it all this year!  Above is a shot of the bright!

Wednesday May 9, 2012
So yeah.  Last week there was lots of gay talk.  From the President.  From every news channel on my TV.  From Ellen.  Here's my take on it: I don't care if someone is gay (I'm a dancer, so I've met my fair share of boys in tights).  However, I do not know anything about politics and everything else that goes along with it.  So, when it comes to big issues like this, I really don't know what to think.  I DO think that this guy's sign is funny though.  I love the expression on his face haha...

Thursday May 10, 2012
Last Thursday I subbed for an 8th grade English teacher.  I love subbing/teaching middle school English.  I wish wish wish someone would let me teach their middle school children!  Anyways, the plans that were left for me instructed each student to make a "journal" for an upcoming film that they were going to watch.  The kids decorated their cover sheet, and then I stapled 3 additional pages to the cover sheet using 3 staples.  Look at that stack of stapled papers!  My hand hurt at the end of the day. 

Friday May 11, 2012

Does anyone know this book?  If you do, we could probably be best friends.  Ok, I'll tell you.  This book is written by Ree Drummond aka: The Pioneer Woman!!!  I love me some P.W.  I subbed for a 1st grade class on Friday, and the teacher had this book on her shelf!  AND it was signed by Ree!!!! I died. 

Saturday May 12, 2012
Saturdayyyy!  Here's another shot of my momma with my sister and me.  This was right before we shoved pound after pound of crawfish down our gullets.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mom's day!

Today is Mother's Day!  I hope that all of the moms out there had a wonderful day, especially my mommy, Sherbo Chan Chan :)

For the big day my sister and I went down to Houston to visit my mom.  We arrived pretty late on Friday night, so there is not much to report there.  

On Saturday, we went to The Woodland's mall/shopping center.

Jammerz, Sherbo, and Fox

We shopped around a bit, and then we had lunch at P.F. Chang's.

After lunch, we went to some of the shops outside of the mall and then wandered around the inside for awhile.  I used up some gift cards that had been burning a hole in my wallet, and we saw this cool trolley!

Shopping is an exhausting sport, so we went back home for a little while to nap and watch some TBS.  For dinner we went here...

...and ate these:

YUM.  This was our view from the table:

It was a lovely (and spicy) evening.  

But our girl's night would not be complete without something sweet!  Thanks to Sherbo for getting us these adorable Ben & Jerry's ice cream cups :)

This morning we had a very Mother's Day-y breakfast.  Breakfast casserole with fruit salad and mimosas!  Delicious...I had seconds.

My mom used purple champagne, so the mimosas turned out pink!
We did a little more shopping this morning, and then stopped at BJ's for a quick lunch.  I had the tomato bisque in a bread bowl.  Fantastic.

Thank you Mom for being a great madre to Fox and me and for raisin' us right!  Obviously, we were both perfect children, so it wasn't too hard, right? :)     

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rockin' with Richards

Last night Austin's company put on a concert.  The Richards Group does this concert every year as a fundraiser for a charity project they do.  Here's a little description about the event:

"Each year, a team from The Richards Group (a Dallas-based advertising agency) gives up a day of work to clean, repair, paint, and renovate the home of an underprivileged family. In addition, the agency will donate necessary items like food, bedding, clothing, and toys. The Home Team Benefit Concert is a fundraising concert that helps raise proceeds for The Home Team projects. One hundred percent of all proceeds go to the projects and items donated to the families."

$10 for two tickets to a concert where all the proceeds go to charity?  We're in!  

As soon as we got to "Trees" (the place where the concert was held), we went upstairs and posted up in a great spot.  This was our view of the stage: 

There was lots of ambiance at our little table...

The first band we watched was great!  It was really cool because all of the bands that played were made up of people that work with Austin at the Richards Group.  He would point someone on stage out and say things like, "Hey I sit right by that guy!" or "That lady helped me fill out an expense report last week."

Most of the bands were rock, but there was one "swing" band.  They were SO entertaining!  Look below for their cowboy hats and fiddles:

Here's another rock band:

And the grand finale:

That band is called "Stan Halen" after the owner of The Richards Group, Stan Richards.  They were bitchin'.  They all had on 80's hair, tight pants, and a rock and roll attitude.  They got us ready for the weekend :)

**Hope everybody has a nice weekend, and happy mother's day to all the mommies out there! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

project 365 vol. 18

Sunday April 29, 2012
At the dance studio that I work at we sometimes host birthday parties for little dancers.  On this Sunday I got to work one of these par-tays.  It was so much fun and super cute.  I seriously can't believe I get paid to do stuff like this sometimes.  McKenna, the birthday girl, was turning 6, and her party was Justin Bieber themed!  I died.  Look at her cupcakes!!!  And can you see the JB plates in the top left corner??  I hope Austin is taking notes for my birthday party next year...

Monday April 30, 2012
On Monday of last week Austin and I went on a journey to the UPS offices to pick up a package.  On the way back we went to Yogurtland!  That was my cup bucket of yogurt.  Yummm :)

Tuesday May 1, 2012
 This was me trying out the package that Austin got on Monday.  I'm totally a sk8er now.

Wednesday May 2, 2012
 On Wednesday of last week I was sick.  I woke up feeling all floopy, and it was not pretty.  I stayed home and sat in the above position for the majority of the day.

Thursday May 3, 2012
 I started making myself a new breakfast last week.  My good pal** at did a post recently on how to make soft boiled eggs, so I decided to try them out.  They are delicious served up with some waffles and syrup!

Note: I always like my syrup in a separate container so I don't end up with soggy waffles, and my ramekins work like a charm!

**Never met this girl in my life, but I read her blog every day, so I feel like we're good pals.

Friday May 4, 2012
I subbed for one of my favorite teachers last Friday, and during our silent reading time at the beginning of each class I raided her bookshelf.  I was intrigued by this book.  It has a bunch of high scoring TAKS essays written by real students.  I loved flipping through and reading what these kids had to say!

Saturday May 5, 2012
Cinco, cinco, cinco de Mayo!  I know y'all already know about my weekend in Austin, but here's another cute picture from Barton Springs.  I love this one of Kaway and me :)