Sunday, May 20, 2012

the byron nelson championship

Today we went to the Byron Nelson Golf Championship.  

Now, it's no secret that golf is not exactly my favorite sport.  Most sports are not my favorite sport.  However, I love going to any sort of "live" sporting event...especially when there's the possibility of snacks!

My friend Collin got us the tickets to this cool tournament...thanks Collin!  Here is our group in front of the 18th hole:

Taylor, Collin, Austin, Me
After we made it to the course, we started walkin' around.  We stopped to snoop on some golfers about to tee off.

Then, we found a nice spot at the end of one of the holes.  Check out those houses on the left...wowza. The people who lived there were having parties in their backyards with fancy guests and glamorous food and drinks.  One place even had an outdoor pizza oven!  

...not that I was paying a lot of attention or anything.

Apparently it's popular to shout, "Get in the hole!" after a golfer takes his shot nowadays.  Who knew?

Here's Austie Marie and I cheering on our favorite golfers:

We ended the day by plopping down at the end of a couple of holes.  I liked the plopping part of the day.  Plopping plus shade was the perfect combo.

OH!  And plopping plus shade plus this quiet sign guy just plain made my day.  Golf is fun :)

After the tournament was over, the boys were inspired!  So, we went to Top Golf.  Here's some winning swings from Collin and Austin:

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!

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  1. Fun day! Food is my favorite part of any sporting event as well!*