Friday, May 11, 2012

Rockin' with Richards

Last night Austin's company put on a concert.  The Richards Group does this concert every year as a fundraiser for a charity project they do.  Here's a little description about the event:

"Each year, a team from The Richards Group (a Dallas-based advertising agency) gives up a day of work to clean, repair, paint, and renovate the home of an underprivileged family. In addition, the agency will donate necessary items like food, bedding, clothing, and toys. The Home Team Benefit Concert is a fundraising concert that helps raise proceeds for The Home Team projects. One hundred percent of all proceeds go to the projects and items donated to the families."

$10 for two tickets to a concert where all the proceeds go to charity?  We're in!  

As soon as we got to "Trees" (the place where the concert was held), we went upstairs and posted up in a great spot.  This was our view of the stage: 

There was lots of ambiance at our little table...

The first band we watched was great!  It was really cool because all of the bands that played were made up of people that work with Austin at the Richards Group.  He would point someone on stage out and say things like, "Hey I sit right by that guy!" or "That lady helped me fill out an expense report last week."

Most of the bands were rock, but there was one "swing" band.  They were SO entertaining!  Look below for their cowboy hats and fiddles:

Here's another rock band:

And the grand finale:

That band is called "Stan Halen" after the owner of The Richards Group, Stan Richards.  They were bitchin'.  They all had on 80's hair, tight pants, and a rock and roll attitude.  They got us ready for the weekend :)

**Hope everybody has a nice weekend, and happy mother's day to all the mommies out there!