Friday, December 5, 2014

the birthday boy

Today is Austin's 26th birthday!  This is the sixth birthday of his that we have celebrated together, but it's the first one as husband and wife.  Every "first" thing that we're getting to do as newlyweds is so much fun!

We kicked things off last night by going to this thing called "Brewhaha".  Brewhaha is a series of comedy shows in Dallas that take place at different breweries around DFW.  We went to one about a month ago, and last night was the final show of the tour.  We went with a few friends and had a great time.  You pay like 20 bucks and you get 3 beers from the brewery that's hosting, a pint glass, and a comedy show.  I think that's a pretty good deal!

Tonight we are going bowling with some of our Dally pallys, so that should be fun.  I was pushing for bumpers, but the birthday boy says they are not allowed.

Anyway, because it's his special day, I wanted to show Austie Marie a little love on this ol' blog of mine.  And what better way to show my affection than with a list...

5 Things I Love About My Husband:

1) He is oh-so-handsome.

Let's cut to the chase here.  Austin is a good looking guy, and I am definitely not mad at the fact that I get to wake up to his cute little face every morning.  

2) He is determined.

If Austin wants something, he is going to get it.  He is not afraid to work hard for things and to put in as much effort as necessary to get them.  The cool thing about starting to date Austin in college is that  I got to see him go through the process of getting his dream job.  He has wanted to work for The Richards Group since he was at A&M, and he did whatever it took to land a job there.  He's been with TRG for a few years now, and he is a great employee.  They are lucky to have him.

3) He is funny.

I love being married to a guy who can always make me laugh.  Even if I am in the worst mood and have had a terrible day, Austin can always make me smile.  The fact that we have a similar sense of humor is one of my favorite things about our relationship. 

4) He likes to be active.

If you know Austin, you know that he really doesn't like to just sit around and do nothing (unless there's football on TV).  Whether it's going to the gym, playing on his softball team, hanging out at a new spot in Dallas, or just throwing the football around, Austin is into it.  We balance each other out in this area, so I'm grateful that he pushes me out of my comfort zone every once in awhile.

5) He loves his friends.

One thing that I've always loved about Austin is that he makes a conscious effort to maintain good relationships with his pals.  He would also do just about anything to help his friends out if they needed it. 

Happy 26th birthday, Austin!  I love you, and here's to many more...

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