Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Well I hope everybody had a wonderful holly-day weekend!  Here's what went down up here in Dally:

On Saturday Austin and I went over to a friend's house and spent the day celebrating the 4th the right way: swimming, grilling, hanging out with friends, and, well, drinking haha.  Some of Austin (and my) friend's from La Porte (Jeremy & Kristi) came up to Dallas for the weekend to visit some family, so we tagged along to a family party.  I always love meeting other people's families.  It's funny to me how (most of the time) people look and act a lot like their parents, and it's always reassuring to see that mine isn't the only family filled with nuts haha :)  Here are some highlights from the day:
Me & Austie hanging by the pool

The house that we were at was SO nice, and they had a really great backyard...perfect for pool parties!  They also made us some really yummy food.  We had a huge spread: pork chops, grilled chicken, sausage, green beans, mac and cheese, rolls, potato salad, the list goes on.  When it was time to eat Austin went inside to make himself a plate and all of Jeremy's aunts were like, "Austin, aren't you going to make Jamie a plate?!?"  So Austin came back outside with a HUGE plate of goodies for me.  He said he felt like he was in the 50's.  I told him if it was the 50's I would've been the one getting his plate ;) Anyways, the dinner was delicious, but since I'm a sucker for dessert that was my favorite part.  Here's what we had:
Yummy cake with delicious icing
And every kind of BlueBell you can think of!
Austin had finished his cake before I could take a picture haha
After dinner we did some more swimming...

And then the boys engaged in a hardcore game of basketball:
I guess he's taking some tips from Dirk...

Needless to say Saturday was a lot of fun, and it was great to see some of our amigos from H-town.  Yesterday (the big day) was a good time too.  I had to work all day, but when I got off at 7:45 I raced home and met Austin and some of our friends (Adrew & Angel) to go watch some fireworks.  We went downtown to the CottonBowl stadium (and so did the rest of Dallas) for the "Fair Park Fourth":

The fireworks were really great, and the finale was insane...I have honestly never seen so many fireworks go off at once.  So much for that burn ban I guess.  The other people there were definitely "interesting"...I think Austin put it best when he said, "this is cool, but I would never bring my kids here."  Here's Austin and me before the show:
We've got the blue and white, but I guess we forgot the red :/

And hereeeeee's the good stuff:

Yay for America!!  I hope everybody had a fun holiday weekend, and that it's not too hard getting back to the ol' grind.  Have a great week! 

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