Friday, November 11, 2011

dinner and a show

I’ll start this post with the good stuff…here’s what we had for dinner last week:

On Monday I made my version of a margherita pizza…

Recipe from here
On Wednesday I made some chicken enchilada soup…

Soup is from this

And on Thursday we had chicken potpie…

Recipe is from

My favorite dish this week was the chicken potpie.  Next time I think I might try and do little individual pies though.  How cute would those be?!

In other news, yesterday I almost had a heart attack in the dining room/office of my apartment. 

I went in there to print a form that I needed for school, and in the middle of printing the paper got all jammed up, and I got one of those lovely “error” messages on my screen.  “Oh, thank you HP message center.  I had no idea there was a paper jam, even though the machine is making some of the strangest sounds I’ve ever heard and there’s a half-printed half-crinkled mess stuck in the depths of my printer.”  I digress.  So, I opened the little door that leads to the ink cartridges, and attempt to un-jam the paper from those little roller things (very technical term, I know).  After a good 3 minutes of fighting with said roller things, I finally freed the paper.  Hooray for me!  Little did I know that the paper freeing was going to be the easy part of this tale.

Upon further examination, I realized that there was something wedged in between all of the mechanisms of my printer/ink cartridge holder.  It looked like dust, or maybe little fibers from the ink cartridge—no biggie.  I swept the area with my fingers only to realize that it was not dust or fibers, but instead a giant, scary, total-freak-out-inducing cockroach.  Sweet baby Jesus.  I screamed and screamed to no one in particular, and then came to a startling realization.  I was going to have to get rid of this creature on my own because if I left it for the man of the house I would have to sit by myself with the fact that there is a live cockroach somewhere in the apartment looming in my mind for about two hours.

Armed with a letter opener, I stabbed Mr. Roach and quickly deposited him in the toilet.  It might have been one of the scariest moments of my entire life. 

I don’t think this is what most people have in mind when they hear the phrase, “computer bug”...

If you need me I can be found lysol-ing every inch of the apartment...

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