Wednesday, November 16, 2011

quiet hill ranch

This week my grandma turned 80!  To celebrate, my family and I went to Quiet Hill Ranch just outside of Fredericksburg, TX.   

There was so much cool stuff at this ranch.  Like horses...

Uncle Mike, Raul the ranch hand, Aunt Lana, and Uncle Rick--giddy up!
Pot bellied piggies...
Priscilla is really, um, cuddly.
and longhorns!

This was the view from our cabin:

 On Saturday morning we went into Fredericksburg to eat and go shopping.  It was quite the outing...

Me with my cousin, Shane--we can pull those off, right?
 Come Saturday night...

It was time to party!

We pigged out on salad, lasagna, chicken spaghetti, and garlic bread.  Then, it was time for some family competition.  We played a bunch of minute to win it games...

The ultimate winners were my cousin, Jessy, and my other cousin, Brandon.  My sister and I were on a team together, and we got second place.  

On Sunday morning we had a family photo shoot!

Everyone looks so pretty...
The photographer thought Austin was my brother...awkward.
It was a really great weekend...I love my family!  And my grandma!!

Happy 80th birthday Mimi!!

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