Thursday, February 28, 2013

february faves

I cannot believe today is the last day of my birthday month!  February has been fun but's what I loved about the past 28 days:

1) All of my bird day festivities

My parents came in town the weekend before my birthday, and my friends helped me celebrate the week after!  I could definitely feel the love while I turned the big 2-4.

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2) The start of American Idol

American Idol is one of my favorite shows, and it has been for a LONG time (I picked Kelly Clarkson from the moment I saw her on season 1).  I was excited to see the new panel of judges this year!  So far, I am loving Keith's sweet spirit and Nicki's random/funny/hardass attitude, but I am not the biggest Mariah fan.  I wish JLo would come back!

Austin and I have an early favorite, Angie Miller.  She sang an original song during the last round of "Hollywood Week", and it was beautiful.  I can't wait to see more of her on the live shows!

3) The love I felt on Valentine's Day

I got cards in the mail from my mom and dad on the big day, and my "special someone" (Austin) made the day really great for me.  He cooked me a steak dinner, got me my favorite ice cream, gave me a sweet card, brought me flowers, and let me pick the movie we watched!  We had a really great celebration.

We kept the love rollin' the weekend after V-day at Beaumont Ranch.  It was Austin's first time to ride a horsie, and I got a kick out of watching him in the saddle!

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4) My new gadget

I am LOVING my new iPad mini.  I use it every day!  My favorite thing to do on it is read or look at my favorite sites (facebook, instagram, etc.) in bed.  It's so nice to have something a little bit smaller that does everything my laptop does.  If you're thinking about getting one of these bad boys, do it!

5) Good Reads

Good Reads is an app I stumbled upon while I was snooping around the store on my iPad.  It is kind of like facebook but with actual books.  I have my own little profile, and I can list all the books I have read, am currently reading, and want to read in the future.  I can rate the books I've already finished (on a scale of 1-5 stars), and I can look at my friends' profiles to see what books they've read and how they rated them.  I'm liking it a lot!  I am currently reading House Rules by Jodi Picoult, and I'm thinking this one is worth about 4 or 5 stars.  

I hope you guys had a fabulous February!  I'm looking forward to the warmer temps and week off (for Spring Break) in about you?


  1. I love Good Reads! Something about clicking the "move to read shelf" is so satisfying!

    1. We need to be friends on there! I'm going to try and add you...