Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I have been slack-a-lacking with the food posts recently, but we've been a little crazy around here with my b-day and v-day and all.  But enough excuses, let's see what's been cookin'...

I made these "power enchilidas" about two weeks ago.  They were scrumptious.  I'm not too sure what makes them "powerful", but I think it might be the grated zucchini...

Here's a link to the recipe!

I served these up with some pinto beans and a couple of avocado slices.  Austin loved loved loved these!

I also made some Italian Chicken recently.  This stuff was also very yummy.  I love the toppings that go with the chicken...artichoke hearts, kalamatta olives, cherry tomatoes, oh my!  I put the finished chicken on top of some pasta and next to a big ol' pile of green beans.

Click here for the recipe.

This pineapple chicken quesadilla recipe was my favorite of the past few weeks.  I got the idea from The Pioneer Woman.  Does Ree ever make anything that's bad?  She is definitely my go-to-girl for a delicious dinner.

Try it yourself!

I served these with a sweet and simple fruit salad.  Austin, Zac, and I gobbled these right up!

I also made some regular ol' lasagna with a side of corn and garlic bread.  I always just use the lasagna recipe from the box.  Maybe one of these days I'll get crazy and use a fancy recipe, but for now, the box is my go to!

Another favorite from the recent past were these BBQ sweet potatoes.  I needed an easy, quick meal last week, so I bought some pre-cooked pulled pork and slapped it on top of a baked tater.  The combo of sweet potato with tangy BBQ sauce was the BOMB.

The last thing I want to show you guys is this lovely dinner Austin made for me this past Friday.  We had a wonderful Balentine's celebration complete with this giant steak, a big bunch of roasted asparagus, and a baked potato.  You'll have to ask chef Austin for the official recipe :)  


  1. Your quesadillas look so crispy-licious! I love Mexican food and eat it multiple times a week. The enchiladas have got my attention. We usually just make regular ol' burritos. Maybe I need to branch out more. Grated zucchini? Sure! Why not!

    1. I couldn't really taste the zucchini once the enchilidas were cooked, but knowing it was in there made me feel healthy! Austin's favorite thing in the world is Mexican food, so I'm always trying new enchilida recipes. These were good!

  2. You're a cooking machine!!! These all look so good!