Monday, May 13, 2013

mother's day weekend update

Well, it's been awhile, but I'm back!  I'm pretty sure I had some weird combination of swine flu, chicken pox, and polio last week becuase I felt like a big ol' bucket of pig slop from Sunday afternoon-Friday morning.  Below, you will see my views for the majority of last week:

I stared at a mug full of tea at my desk all day and a mug full of tea from my bed all evening/night. 

However, I started feeling better on Friday, and that was good because I had big plans for my weekend!  It was Mother's Day yesterday (duh), so Austin and I headed down to Houston to see our mamas. 

I usually find that I can break my weekends into two categories: what we did and what we ate...

Here's some highlights of what we did:
Top: my goofy grandma with a beautiful bow in her hair, making my own k-cup variety pack at this cool store in Houston, pretty mother's day flowers.
Side: my mom's bird feeder...ah!!
Bottom: Sherbo and me :)
And here's what we stuffed down our gullets:
Breakfast, giant buger, ice cream, steak and potatoes, shrimps!
It was a really fun weekend...I hope you had a great day, Sherbo!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Feeling sick when you are teaching is the worst! And holy wow - that's some delicious looking food!

    1. Haha all of that food looks kind of crazy in one big picture...I can't belive I ate all of that over the course of two days.

      And I don't know how I made it last week. Cara, Laurie, and I were all sick. Yuck!