Thursday, May 2, 2013

grubbin' up

Howdy howdy!  I'm here with a BUNCH of recipes for y'all today.  Some of these are awesome, some are not so great, but I'm here as your guide and taste tester.  Follow along...

Up first?  Buffalo chicken tacos.  I've made 'em before, and I'll definitely make 'em again.  These are perfect for anyone who loves a good buffalo/ranch combo.

Here's where I found these tacos

Here's one for the "not so great" category.  I saw this hummus crusted chicken on pinterest, and I was very intrigued.  I like chicken, and I loooove hummus, so I gave it a shot.  

As you can see, the whole thing came out very liquid-y.  Bleh.  The chicken was moist, and it tasted okay, but this just wasn't my fave.  I'll be de-pinning this as soon as I find the time to organize my boards.

In case you want to try the chicken

These BBQ shrimp had awesome flavor, but next time I am going to buy bigger shrimp.  These were so...shrimpy.  Ha.

Click here for the shrimp recipe

Ok, here's my pick of the week.  Crock pot short ribs in a cabernet sauce.  Good Lord.  I can't explain how good these were.  I wish I could afford to buy ribs every week so I could make this all the time.  If you try this (and you definitely should), mashed potatoes on the side is a must.  The taters soak up all the sauce and it is divine.

Get the rib recipe here

Stuffed peppers are another staple around here.  They're not my favorite, but Austin goes buck wild when I make them, so I let him go to town and I just eat the insides with a tortilla.  

Here's the link for the stuffed peppers

More crock pot goodness can be found with these beef carnitas.  This is the second time I've made these, and they do not disappoint!

Click here to get the recipe

Austin played chef and made me this lemon garlic chicken, and it was very good.  It's not the healthiest, but I think the extra calories are worth it!

Here's where I found the chicken

Alright, that's all I've got in terms of dinner, but you know I've gotta end on something sweet.  These oatmeal cookies are so simple but ridiculously delicious.  Two pointe shoes up from the barefoot ballerina.

Get the recipe here

Hopefully you guys found something you might want to munch on soon.  Here's to hoping today goes by quick because tomorrow is Fri to the day.  Woot woot!


  1. I'm most interested in that corn on the cob! Did y'all grill it? I love love love corn on the cobb. I will be demanding that Stephen make me some asap!

    1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that corn. I just stuck it in the oven at like 375 or 400 for about 10ish minutes. You can leave it in for a long time though, and you can also make it on the grill. You seriously can't mess it comes out great every time!

  2. You are making me so hungry!! These all look delicious!