Sunday, March 9, 2014

dinner is served!

It's been a little while since I've posted about my kitchen happenings, so I thought today we'd play a little game of categories!

Something New:

Instead of going out to eat like we usually do on Friday nights, Austin and I decided to stay in and cook recently.  I made these sea scallops with roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach.  I'd never made these recipes before, but they were both very tasty!  

The Usual Suspects:

I've made all of these recipes before, and they are a part of our normal dinner rotation.  Cooking something I'm familiar with is fun and it usually takes less time.  Not to mention, I already know the end result will be yummy! 

Stuffed Peppers

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Beef Short Ribs

Chicken Parmesan*

*I don't use a specific recipe for this, but here's one that's pretty similar: Chicken Parm.

Totally Twisted:

For these two dinners, I took our regular recipes and made a change or two.

Instead of using real deal ground beef for our favorite chili, I subbed it out for some ground turkey.  We seriously cannot tell a difference, so it makes for a healthier, lighter meal. 

I typically don't turn to Sandra Lee for recipes, but I was randomly watching her one day and saw this Caesar Pasta Salad.  I knew Austin wouldn't eat it as is, so I added in some grilled chicken and romaine lettuce.  It reminds me a lot of the chicken caesar pasta salad from Cheddar's.  It was both Jamie and Austin approved!

When the Fiance's Away...:

I call this kind of dinner "girly food".  If I were to serve this to Austin on a regular weeknight, he'd scarf it down and then probably ask for the main course.  When he went out of town the other weekend, however, this was the perfect thing for my Friday dinner.  I stopped off at Central Market after school on Friday and got my loot: simple green beans, crackers, good cheddar cheese, brie (aka my newest obsession), salami, and a tiny loaf of bread.  Serve with a bottle glass of wine for best results.

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  1. I'm adding that stuffed pepper recipe to my 'must make' list. Yum!