Wednesday, April 9, 2014

rose petals and teddy bears

Do you guys remember the show Laguna Beach?  It was one of the first "reality shows" that I can remember, and I was obsessed.  L.B. (The Real O.C.) was on MTV from 2004-2006 which was right after I started high school.  Naturally, I was extremely jealous of the show's rich, spoiled, totally scripted teens.  Everything they did seemed so glamorous!  I still remember pining over one episode in particular: The L.B. Promposals!!

Now, in case you're not familiar, a "promposal" is when a guy asks a girl to prom in a particularly cute way.  And let me tell you, the men of Laguna Beach had their promposals on point.  Does anyone else remember Talan wearing a suit and holding roses in Kristen's garage?  How about Trey spelling out "PROM?" in candles?  Swoon city, baby!

What you might not know, however, is that the barefoot ballerina had a promposal of her own...

It all started with my friend Raisa.  She was part of a prom group composed of mostly couples with a few stray dudes.  It was her job to find some single ladies to fill out the bunch, and it just so happened that I was boyfriend-less at the time.  (Let's be honest, I was boyfriend-less most of the time those days.) She started asking me if I would be interested in going with this guy George, and of course I was!  A date to prom?  Duh!

However, I never expected to walk into my 5th period student council officers class later that week and find a giant Build-A-Bear box on my desk!  What was that doing there?!

I could tell by Raisa's face that the box was intended for me, and when I opened it, I found a fuzzy little teddy bear dressed in the tiniest tuxedo I'd ever seen.

Even cuter, when I pressed his precious paw, I heard George's voice: 

Hey Jamie, it's George!  Would you like to go to prom with me?!

Absolutely adorable, right?  That George was such a sweet guy.  I was so excited to have a date to the prom!  Thanks for your meddling, Raisa! 

Here's a better shot of the bear.  I guess I was being shy that day...

George was a very nice date, and we all had a great time at prom.  I will never forget that bear and his voice coming out of its paw.

Here are some other fun facts about my prom experience:

1) My friend Michelle and I were both nominated for prom queen, but neither one of us won.  We were FURIOUS.  

2) One of the members of our group wore a kilt to the big dance!

3) We spent the weekend after prom at a beach house in Galveston.  (My suggestions for moving the trip to Laguna were rudely ignored.)  My friend Anna and I practiced our dance moves a lot.  

Did I mention that I didn't date much at the time?  I can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to hang around a girl who leaps everywhere she goes. 

Austin is a lucky guy, huh?

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  1. Did I already mention how much I love this? So fun! I like the teddy bear idea. It's super sweet and a little bit unique! Love your dress!

    I'm still jealous. My senior prom was in 2003, so I just barely missed the trend. Even so, Stephen was pretty chill back in HS, so I don't think he would have promposed.