Thursday, September 8, 2011

my first day of 7th grade (round 2)


I started my first day of middle school...for the second time.  It was awkward, it was exciting, I was kind of sleepy, people thought I was in high school.

So, basically it felt the same as the first time I went to 7th grade.  Well, minus the braces and awful highlights.  

I began my day with a hearty breakfast:

The return of the cinnamon roll pancake!  It was the perfect way to start my day.  And, yes that is the extra icing drizzled on top of my raspberries...because why wouldn't you drizzle your extra icing on top of your raspberries?  

Anyways, after my breakfast of CRPs, raspberries, an eggy, and some peppermint tea (YUM) I got all pretty and was off!  Here's the boyfriend approved first day outfit:
Do I look like a teacher yet?
For the first two weeks of school my instructions are to "observe" my cooperating teacher, and that is exactly what I did for the first four class periods.  Then, during her third period class my teacher walked up to me and asked, "do you want to try teaching my last two classes of the day?"


I quickly responded, "umm, sure!" (because I'm an eager student teacher who can't wait to get up in front of these 7th graders and teach them about how to choose a fabulous topic for their personal narratives, right?!)


So for 5th and 7th period I taught a total of almost 45 pre-teens how to choose their topics and how to start planning an essay.  It was a little scary, but my teacher told me that I did a great job!  The only thing she recommended I work on was to be more stern and get onto them for talking.  Oops...guess I'm kind of a softie :/

All in all it was a really great first day, and all of the kids seem so sweet!  I really like my cooperating teacher, and I feel so lucky to have been placed in a school/district that has a good reputation and isn't full of hoodrats.

Are teachers allowed to say "hoodrats"?  I'll have to figure that out I guess...


  1. Haha. So proud of you, Jamie! I am sure you have some sterness in you somewhere :) You need to have "a LOOK" that they know means to shut their mouths. Practice with Austin. lol

  2. Haha I'm sure Austin would looooove to help me practice :)