Wednesday, July 3, 2013

a breakthrough

Con to getting old: I don't dance all day every day like I did in high school and college, so now I have to find other ways to keep my girlish figure.

Con to keeping my girlish figure: I hate running/working out/doing any kind of strenuous activity.

Con to not excersing: I get fat.

Con to getting fat: Austin leaves me and I become a crazy cat lady.

Solution to above cons: Get my butt to the gym even if it sucks the
whole time.

The above philosophy is what I've been living by here lately.  I hate the gym, but I go anyways because I don't want to be featured on TLC's next installment of "Half Ton Twenty-Something".  I found a beginner treadmill workout that I could do without passing out, so I've been doing that along with the stairmaster, some crunchies, planks, and arm stuff.  Yuck.  It's been going fine, but it's nothing to write home about.


I went to the gym on Monday after teaching summer school all morning/afternoon, and I was ready to get my blasé work out on.  I climbed onto the treadmill and found the TV show I wanted to watch: The Pioneer Woman on The Food Network.  Perfect!  I plugged in my headphones, and got ready to rock and roll.  But there was a problem.  I couldn't hear a ding dang thing! 

REE!  I wish I could hear how you're making that peach crisp!

Because I couldn't hear all about the PW's 4th of July plans, I went to plan B: "Imagine Dragons" Pandora on my iPod.  In case you're unfamiliar, this station is just super. 

Anways, I went on about my treadmill session...walk at 3.0 for 5 minutes, walk at 3.5 for another 5, and then here it at 5.5 for a whole 2 minutes!  I know, I know.  That's really pathetic.  Here's the thing though: I NEVER ran growing up.  Never!  Besides that Presidential Fitness Test that we had to take in school every year, running was not in my repertoire.  So, running for 2 straight minutes has been a real challenge for me lately.  It hurts my legs, I feel like I can't breathe, and I literally count down the seconds in my head.


Something happened on Monday.  I was able to run for the whole 2 minutes without feeling like I was entering the 7th circle of hell!  It was actually kind of (dare I say) fun! 

I think the reason for this dramatic turn of events was my choice in music.  The song that was playing when I kicked it into running mode was "Feel Again" by One Republic.  It is a wonderful little diddy that is perfect for running it out.

I'm hoping that the running thing wasn't a fluke, and I plan to do some serious research on running songs to keep up my good ju ju.  If anyone has any suggestions of groovy running tunes, I'd love to hear them (literally)!

PS- if anyone is interested in my killer treadmill workout plan, here it is: 40 minute beginner treadmill workout.


  1. It's more fun to run outside. Join me on Saturday!!!

    But you are right, music makes all the difference. Proud of you!

    1. Aww look at you commenting, little cutehead! How about I join you for the first two minutes of your long run on Saturday? I'm getting really good at doing two minutes, but after that it's a little rocky :)

  2. Yeay! I used to be the exact same way. It wasn't until I ran a 5k that I was bit by the running bug. I trained using couch to 5k, so it's a similar idea of alternating running and walking to start. Even the whole time I was training for that first race, I still wasn't in to running. (It's so tiring!) But the race was my New Year's Resolution, and I'm a stickler for goals, so I wouldn't quit. Running has had me hook, line, and sinker since then.

    And I agree with Austin, it is more fun outside!

    1. I don't know if I'll ever get into running as much as you, Amy, but I am becoming a bigger fan than I used to be. I'll have to give outside running a shot!