Thursday, January 2, 2014

happy holidays!

We took down our Christmas decorations yesterday, so I guess the holiday season is officially over.  Womp.  Austin and I had a hectic but wonderful Christmas, and we had a blast ringing in the new year.

We started what Austin called our "Tour de Houston" on the 22nd.  We went to Houston and stayed with my mom and dad that night.  On Monday the 23rd we headed over to my Mimi's house to help her bake.  We also got to have lunch and dinner with some of the other members of my Dad's family, which was awesome.  That evening we made the trip over to Austin's mom's in La Porte.  We spent Christmas Eve with her by going to church, opening gifts, and going to a Christmas party at Ms. Val's (Ms. Val is a very good family friend and the mommy of Austin's best man, Blake).  

We came back over to my parent's on Christmas morning and opened presents with them.  The best gift of the morning was this folding chair thing that my parents got for Austin.  They thought it was a full sized one that he could use for hunting, but it turned out to be a "pocket chair" that could literally fit in his back pocket.  It was hilarious!

No, Austin is not a giant.  The chair is just that small.

When we were finished with presents, we headed to the lake to see my mom's parents.  Little did I know, this was the last time I'd get to see my grandpa.  We had a great visit with delicious food, a warm fire, and way too many presents.

Nanaw & Peepaw opening their gifts.

This visit was also really cool because Austin got to see my grandpa's garage, complete with vintage tools and antique cars.  Toot toot!

My sister and I are headed back up to the lake this afternoon for my grandpa's viewing and funeral services.  It will probably be a hard trip, but I'm sure we will celebrate the great life that my grandpa had!  We are all comforted to know that he is in a better place and is no longer in pain.

The last holiday of the season, New Year's Eve, was a blast.  I woke up to some tough news, but Austin and I were still able to enjoy the holiday with some of our close friends.  We hung out during the day, but that evening we went over to our friend Ashley's for dinner, drinks, and one heck of a bowl game.  A&M played "Dook" in the Chick-fil-a Bowl, and it was a nail biter to say the least.  Luckily, A&M pulled out a victory in the end thanks to Johnny Football, so we were in celebration mode come midnight.

Top: I made guacamole and 7 layer dip to take to the party, and they went well with the delicious hamburgers that we had for dinner.  

Side: Cheers to 2014!

Bottom: I guess there's a point where a blogger's guy gets sick of doing everything on camera.  ;)

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  The countdown to Spring Break starts Monday!


  1. Anything with guacamole is worth eating. Looks delish! Happy 2014! :)

  2. The kiss picture of you and Austin is hilarious! Haha! I hope you have a fantastic new year, Jamie!