Monday, June 25, 2012

a weekend with Jimbo

Father's day was about a week ago.  However, my sister and I decided to celebrate this past weekend because I had a wedding to go to on the actual weekend of F.D.

I headed on over to Fort Worth on Friday to meet my sista, and we headed down to Houston.  We got there pretty late that night, so we just watched some Olympic trails and went to sleep.  

Saturday was filled with food and adventure though!  We started off the day with a little brunch (LOVE brunch), but we got to the restaurant kind of early.  Lucky for us, there was this cool antique store right across the street!  They had antiques (duh), cute stuff to decorate your backyard, things in mason jars, puppy food/treats/supplies, and real puppies, kitties, and birds (yuck).  

After our antique time, it was off to brunch at benjy's.

Pretty much everything on their menu looked incredible.  In the end, my sister and I decided to order two different things and switch our plates halfway through the meal.

I got the chicken and waffles:

And Erin got the bacon chocolate chip waffles:

Oh my lanta was this breakfast/lunch ever good!!  The chicken on my chicken and waffles was some of the best chicken I've ever had.  I want to know what they use to crust that stuff.  My favorite thing was my second dish though.  I don't know why I've never had bacon cooked into my waffles was a match made in heaven.  Add some melty chocolate chips and fresh strawberries and good golly miss molly.  I was very full at the end of this particular brunching experience.  

After brunch we decided to hit the outlets off of 290.  

I heart outlet malls
Fox and Jimbo shoppin' it up.
 We had major success at J. Crew, and it was some good daddy/daughter time.

Once we were finished at ze mall, we headed over to our local Pappasito's to eat some more and hang out with Jimbo's side of the fam.

Sisters :)

We ate lots of chips and salsa, had some margs, and ate a fajita or seven.  OH and we also got some of those brochette shrimp.  Those things are the BOMB.  

After dinner, it was over to my aunt's house to eat dessert and play some cards.  My aunt got us these yummy cupcakes from GiGi's:

I had the red velvet (the ones with the red sprinkles)
So, I know what you're thinking.  Just how much can this goober eat in one day?  It was about the time that I was enjoying the custardy center of my cupcake that I started asking myself the same question.  We were in the middle of playing liverpool rummy, and I was scorekeeper, but I had to pass the torch to my sister and go lay down on the couch.

You know that feeling when you know you're going to puke, but you also know it's going to be awhile before it actually happens?  It's just dandy.

I'll spare you the details, but I basically writhed in pain and agony for the majority of the night, and I finally upchucked at about 4 in the morning.  Happy Father's Day, huh?  

The good news is that I felt a lot better on Sunday morning!  So, my dad opened up his presents, and we had breakfast (I had dry cereal).

After the opening of presents and eating of a late breakfast, Erin and I hit the road.  We stopped at one of our favorite College Station spots along the way, and I had some soup.

Besides the puking, I had such a great weekend with my dad.  I hated that we had to celebrate Father's Day a week late, but we had fun all the same.  My dad is just the best...I love him lots and lots, and I hope that we showed him a good time!  


  1. An upset tummy is THE worst! Glad you recovered quickly. I like McAlister's too. They have a great veggie chili.*

    1. I must've eaten at McAlister's 2-3 times per week during my freshman year. Then I realized that they have them other places besides College Station and my mind was blown haha.