Monday, September 3, 2012

sytycd recap: from 8 to 6!

Well we are really getting down to the wire here on SYTYCD, huh?  This week’s show featured the top 8, and each dancer performed a solo and a duet with an all-star. 

Top 8
OH! And Jesse Tyler Ferguson was the guest judge, and he was wearing a bow-tie.  I loved everything that he had to say...he was a ding dong dorable :)

We started the night off with a group routine choreographed by this new choreographer named Peter Peter pumpkin eater.  This was definitely not the best group routine I’ve ever seen.  What was with the girls acting Chinese?  The timing was also off in parts.  Bring back Wade!  Or Mia!

Pretty picture, boring dance.
The first soloist was Tiffany.  I liked it, but it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen.  I loved her costume and her turns though!!  Tiffany danced later in the show with all-star Ade.  They did a beautiful contemporary piece.  All of the lifts and tricks were crazy!  I loved this routine so much.

The first duet featured Whitney and all-star Twitch doing a hip hop routine.  I really liked this dance!!  Whitney reminded me of Chanel from MTV’s Fantasy Factory.  She had some serious swaggggg.  Ok, I’ll stop talking like I know anything about swag now.  Good job Whitney and good job Twitch!  Later, Whitney did a ballroom solo.  I thought it was cute but nothing special.  She looked amazing though!

Will was up next with a solo.  I enjoyed his solo.  I thought he had great musicality.  Again, not the best thing I’ve ever seen though.  Later in the show Will did a hip hop with all-star Lauren.  I liked the concept of this dance, but the song/choreography were a little blah for me.

This picture is weird.  
Cole and all-star Allison did a contemporary dance choreographed by Sonya next.  I LOVED this routine.  Yes, it was beyond strange, but it was just so cool!  The partnering was amazing, and Allison was just ridiculous.  Cole’s solo was confusing to me.  Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I have never taken a dance class where karate chopping was part of the technique.  Why is Cole still here?!?!????

Allison is a freak of nature, and I love it.
Lindsay’s solo was next.  I thought it was fine, but ballroom solos are just so hard to judge.  A few numbers later, she did a jazz routine with all-star Alex.  The choreography was very interesting to watch, and I enjoyed the number overall.  I do have to agree with Nigel’s comment about the performance though…Lindsay needs more going on with her face/her chemistry.

Eliana and all-star Ryan did a quickstep next.  I don’t know a lot about ballroom, but the dance looked good to me.  What I did not enjoy was Eliana’s face.  She always just seems kind of fake to me, especially that smile she had at the beginning.  Eliana’s solo was pretty…I’m just not a fan :/
"I like to pole dance and I have giant teeth, so vote for me!"
Chehon did a solo next, and it was beautiful.  WOW.  I felt like I was watching a little clip of a much larger piece.  I wanted it to keep going!  It was great.  Chehon teamed up with all-star Anya to do a tango later in the show.  I am normally not a huge tango fan, but I actually enjoyed this one!  The music was so great, and Chehon and Anya were wonderful together.  Beautiful! 

Cyrus and all-star Melanie teamed up for the next duet with a Mandy Moore jazz dance.  These two just looked like they were having so much fun!  It was a really cute routine.  Cyrus’ solo was just ridiculous.  I could watch him dance all day long…I love it!!   

Results were up next!  The bottom girls were Lindsay and Whitney, and the bottom boys were Will and Cole.  Finally Cole is in the bottom!!  I was indifferent on which girl went home, but obviously I wanted Cole to get the boot.  Once again, the judges are obviously not listening to me because they saved Cole (BOO) and Whitney.  I blame that stupid balliwood snake dance. 

Bottom 4 

Here are my quick facts for this week:

Favorite girl right now: Tiffany

Girl I want to go home: Eliana

Favorite boy right now: Cyrus

Boy I want to go home: COLE (I will die if he makes it to the final 4)

Best dance of the night: Cole and Allison’s contemporary (I was only watching Allison haha)

Worst routine of the night: the opening number…get that new choreographer outta here!

SYTYCD throwback of the week:

Lacey and Danny doing a Samba choreographed by SYTYCD alum, Pasha!  As you all know, I am usually not a fan of ballroom.  This dance, is so great!!!  I remember going to the tour for this season and waiting the entire time to see this number.  And Lacey's shoes.  I want them now!

Alright, the top 4 will be chosen next time...I'll see ya then! 

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