Sunday, September 30, 2012

project 365 vol. 37

Sunday September 16, 2012
Last Sunday we headed to a Rangers game with a group of our friends.  We did brunch before, tailgated a little bit, and then watched a great game.  Rangers won!  However, it was raining the ENTIRE time.  #RAINgers...

Monday September 17, 2012
Austin brought me dinner last Monday night after a long day of dance practice, school, and meetings galore.  He knows the way to my heart :)

Tuesday September 18, 2012
Tuesday was our very first football game to perform at!  I was nervous and excited and a little bit scared of some of the people in the stands.  Overall, it was a pretty good game, and most of my girls did really well!  I'm hoping we get better each and every game!

Wednesday September 19, 2012
There have been a lot of rainbows happening around Dallas lately.  I'm not sure if I'm just becoming more observant or what, but I like the view!

Thursday September 20, 2012
I watched the finale of SYTYCD last Thursday.  These two goofballs won.  I was not amused.  I don't know if you noticed or not, but I did not write a post on the finale.  I am on SYTYCD strike until further notice (aka the beginning of next season).

Friday September 21, 2012
Last Friday Austin and I went to Oktoberfest in Addison with a few of our buddies.  There was beer (duh), food (yum), performances (funny), and great people watching.  Also, I got to see my friend Kaway because she was in town for the weekend visiting her boyf, and they met us there.  Good times were had by all!

Saturday September 22, 2012
I get to teach these little cuties on Saturday mornings.  Sometimes they cry, sometimes they don't listen, sometimes they tell you they have to go to the bathroom and then don't after you take them into the stall, and sometimes they look like this.  It's cute.

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  1. The little ballerinas! So cute! I die!*