Monday, October 8, 2012

a very powerhouse weekend

This past weekend Power House was literally my house.  At least, it felt like it was my house because I was practically there all weekend!  Good thing I love it there :)

I kicked off my weekend by working a birthday party for an adorable little 5 year old named Zoe.  Her birthday had a Halloween theme, so everyone wore a costume (even me)!

Like my princess costume?
Zoe's Birthday Cupcakes
The party was tons of fun.  Yes, it is a little stressful to wrangle fifteen 5-year-olds for an hour and a half, but it sure beats a normal desk job.  I really never imagined myself getting paid the big bucks to wear a sparkly pink tiara and facilitate the limbo, but I love love love it!

On Saturday morning I hung out with my baby ballerinas for awhile and then taught some not-so-baby drill teamers.

Babies with Miss Elizabeth

Making "Popcorn"
I love their little faces!! 
After classes were over, it was time for the GRAND OPENING of our brand spankin' new studio!!  So exciting!!

Here's how it all went down:
There were a TON of people there.

Maybe the crowd was there because of these awesome floating dudes...

Or maybe because of the bounce house?

Was the "make your own Power House button" booth the reason so many people showed up?

Or was it because of the DJ and pRiZe WhEeL?

Maybe people came because Gino gave an awesome "Gangnam Style" dance lesson?

Perhaps the crowd formed because of the amazing performances we had...

Rock Solid Crew Break Dancers
Cheer Power Squad

Mini Dallas Stars Dancers

Allen Americans Ice Angels
The answer to all of those questions is, "NO".  

The reason everyone came out was for the HUMAN MONEY BOX!!

Ok ok, I was in charge of the Cash Cube, so maybe I'm a little partial, but everyone really was excited about it!!  Here are some of my favorite winners:

Just in case I haven't said it enough, I LOVE my job at Power House.  I really can't believe they pay me to do what I love :)

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  1. I'd totally have gone just for the money machine. Heck yes! I love that you still work at the ballet studio even though you could quit with your big fancy teaching job. The ballerinas are so cute! It almost makes me wish that I taught little kiddos!*