Sunday, October 14, 2012

project 365 vol. 39

Sunday September 30, 2012
Two Sundays ago, we had brunch at a friend's house.  Our good friend/groomsman Caesar's mom was in town, and she cooked us an amazing meal.  We brought stuff for mimosas in exchange for their hospitality.  Yum.

Monday October 1, 2012
I got stopped by a train on the way to work on Monday.  While I was waiting, I gave thanks to instagram for giving me something to do to pass the time.  If I wasn't able to take and post a pic, I might have gotten irritated by that choo choo.

Tuesday October 2, 2012
Look who made it on the "wall of instructors" at Dallas Powerhouse of Dance!  What's up short hair!

Wednesday October 3, 2012
I made one of the easiest/yummiest/healthiest meals in my culinary repertoire a couple of Wednesdays ago--Ina Garten's Lemon Basil Chicken.  I paired it with some green beans which I cooked in chicken broth instead of water (it makes a big difference!) and a big pile of mashed taters.  

Thursday October 4, 2012
I know I've posted a lot about our new dance studio on here, but I seriously just love it so much!  This is one of the studios where we teach High Kick classes.  The studio is HUGE, so the girls get to kick for miles.  They really enjoy it when I make them do that :)

Friday October 5, 2012
I want an iPhone 5.  I am having problems getting one though.  Yes, I am aware that I can order one online and they will mail it to me (I found this out last Friday), but there's a problemo with that.  It wouldn't come to my house in Dallas, it would go to Austin's mom's house in Houston, and we are not planning to go to Houston until like Thanksgiving.  I want to go into an Apple store and just get one.  Why is this so difficult?!

Saturday October 6, 2012
There was a bridal show in Dallas last weekend!  These are our tickets for the show on Sunday.  Austin was very excited to go...not.  I promised him that there would be lots of giveaways and cake samples though, so he grinned and bared it.  More on the show in my next 365 post!

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