Friday, October 19, 2012

project 365 vol. 40

Sunday October 7, 2012
Last Sunday was the great bridal expo!!  Upon our arrival, Austin and I were both given stickers to wear.  His said "VIG: Very Important Groom".  Mine said "VIB: Very Important Bride".  I think our facial expressions say it all...

Monday October 8, 2012
I went to the grocery store last Monday to get food for the week.  I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who tries to carry in all of the bags from car to kitchen in one trip.  This involves quite a lot of pain for my wrists.  On this particular Monday my groceries were heavier than usual, so the bags left a big red mark.  Ouchie :(

Tuesday October 9, 2012
When we went to the bridal show on Sunday, we entered a lot of contests at the individual booths.  On Sunday evening I received a call saying that we actually WON one of the drawings!!  Austin and I were going to get either free wedding bands or a 3 day 2 night trip to an all inclusive resort!  All we had to do to claim our winnings was watch a short cooking demonstration on Tuesday night.

Does this sound like it's too good to be true?  Well it is.  The picture above was the set-up for the cooking demo...we sat here listening to an insane person pushing his pots and pans on us, and then at the end he told us that there were all these stipulations to win the prizes (plane tickets, shipping costs, etc.).  It was a bust.  We did get to sample some broccoli though!   

Wednesday October 10, 2012
I got to watch my man play some softball last Wednesday!  I love going to his games to cheer him on and hang out with the boys (and their significant others) on the team.

Thursday October 11, 2012
Last week my school was gearing up for a big potluck lunch on Friday afternoon.  Apparently this year we are going to have a bunch of "Iron Chef battles" where all of the different teams (English, Science, Office Staff, etc.) create a table full of goodies that fit the theme of the contest.  After the lunch, we all get to vote on the winner, and the 1st place team gets the above trophy!  How fun!  I love the knives and the original Japanese chairman on the trophy.  Hilarious. 

Friday October 12, 2012
Friday was a fun day!  We had our big "tailgating" themed potluck at school, and then a bunch of our friends were in town for the weekend.  We all met for lunch at Blue Goose Cantina.  Yummy yummy! 
Saturday October 13, 2012
Last Saturday Austin and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary!  I've already posted about it, but here's another shot of our delicious dessert.  We looooove us some creme brule! <3


  1. Color me guilty of carrying too many grocery bags at once. I once saw doo-dad that it supposed to make it easier to carry them, but I'm uber cheap so I didn't get it.*

    1. Ok, it is so funny to me that you posted about the grocery bag carrying doo-dad because right after I posted this my sister commented on my FB with a link to said doo-dad! I told her to put it in my stocking this year.