Tuesday, July 8, 2014

our honeymoon: the activities

Like I said in my previous post about our honeymoon, St. Lucia and our resort were both wonderful.  Not only was everything beautiful, but there was also plenty to do!  Our first activity happened as soon as we landed in St. Lucia.  The airport wasn't exactly right next door to the resort, so Austin arranged for us to take a helicopter!  I felt like I was on an episode of The Bachelor!  It was so incredible to see the island from up there.  It was a great way to start our trip! 

The resort had a TON of stuff to do, and Austin took full advantage.  His favorite activity spot was the water sports hut.  They had pretty much any water activity you could think of.  Including...

Water skiing and wake boarding:

Go Austin Go!


Ahoy, Austie!

Wind surfing:

Hang 10, dude!

And paddle boarding:

Austin and the paddle crew

I couldn't let him have all the fun though, so I joined in on a few things like...


Austin's first sailing lesson (we had to go out with an instructor before Austin could take a boat out by himself):

And kayaking:

We also took part in some fun on land.  Austin tried his hand at archery one morning, and he said it was awesome (I decided to sleep in instead of channeling my inner Katniss).

Something else that was cool was a wine and cheese tasting.  A local wine maker came to the resort and we got to try a white and a red with some yummy cheese and toast.  

One of my favorite things we did, though, was a cooking with the chef class!  One of the resort's chefs taught us how he makes vegetable curry.  It was so interesting to see him work, and the result was delicious!  

Since the resort was all inclusive, everything that I've mentioned so far was included in our package.  Austin did do one extra thing though.  One afternoon he went fishing with two of the locals that work at the resort.  They gave him some St. Lucian rum and took him out to their favorite fishing spots.  

And the fun didn't stop once the sun went down at The Body Holiday!  Every night they had a local band play at the club house, and there was also a piano bar that we visited a few times.  We spent our last night at a beach BBQ with entertainment from a steel drum band.

Check out their name.  It's like they were our own personal honeymoon band!

The Harmonites!

As you can see, we definitely stayed busy during our trip to St. Lucia.  I loved all of the activities that the resort had to offer; just another perk of The Body Holiday!  


  1. Y'all are such go-getters! Look at all that cool stuff you did! I love it! My ideal vacay is half relaxation and half crazy activities. Looks like y'all nailed it. I'm also guess that either Austin doesn't get sea-sick or the water was really calm. Just looking at the pic of the little fishing boat makes my tummy tumble!

    I'm trying to convince Stephen to go on a helicopter ride with me. Since he's been on a bunch for work, he's so not impressed. I think it looks so romantic, though!

    1. Amy, I'm with you! I spent most of my time reading/napping on the beach, but I wanted to do a few active things. I get mega sea sick though, so I couldn't handle all of the boat stuff. Austin has an iron stomach, so he was fine. He said the water was really rough when they went fishing and that he knew I would've been miserable. I'm very glad I didn't tag along!

      I was a little scared while we were in the helicopter, but it was so awesome! I definitely think it's something everyone should experience at least once.