Thursday, July 10, 2014

our honeymoon: the eats and drinks

Let's talk about one of my favorite things today: food!  The Body Holiday, the resort we stayed at for our honeymoon in St. Lucia, had delicious things for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any time in between.  


Every morning we would start our day at a wonderful buffet with pretty much anything you could want for breakfast.  I would usually get a bagel or croissant with some fresh fruit and green tea.  Austin had an omelet and a french press most mornings.  There was all sorts of other good stuff as well...bacon, sausages, pancakes, english muffins, eggs cooked however you wanted, all kinds of breads, etc.

Breakfast happened at Cariblue, one of the restaurants at our resort.  The entire dining area was covered, but the walls were open, so we could feel the ocean breeze as we dined.  It was lovely.  The only downside to the open wall policy was that birds would make themselves right at home.  They would constantly flutter all around and even felt comfortable enough to land on the tables and chairs.  I only had a few meltdowns because of this.  Sorry, Austin!


There were a couple of places to have lunch at our resort.  We ate at the Cariblue lunch buffet once, we tried the deli a few times, but we mostly ate at "the grill".  Every day the grill would have a different buffet that would feature items that had been grilled (duh) and a couple of sides and salads.

beef skewers, chicken skewers, and fish

The grill also had a pasta station and a pizza oven.  The pizzas were delicious, so that's what I munched on most days.


The dinners we ate while we were in St. Lucia were fabulous.  Our resort had three spots to choose from.  We could go to Cariblue for a three course meal that featured different items each night; TAO, an Asian restaurant that was only open at dinner, for a three course meal; or Windows, an extension of Cariblue that had a bunch of small tasting plates.

Here we are at TAO:

scallop and pork belly appetizer from TAO
chocolate cake/pudding with vanilla ice cream from TAO

And this is us at Windows:

The view from Windows

one of our tasting plates...muscles and a crab cake

There was also plenty more to eat and drink in between meals.  The resort had a few bars, and they would give you a drink whenever you needed one!  

the local beer: Piton

There was also a smoothie and juice bar at the deli.  We usually went there for a mid-morning snack.  I was partial to the fruit smoothies, and Austin liked their coffees and cappuccino smoothies.

Another thing that was unique about our resort was that we would have tea time every afternoon.  The owner of the resort is British, so a lot of the other guests were from England.  It was fun embracing the culture!

cheerio, old chap!

Like I said, the food and drinks were just great!  Austin and I definitely did not go hungry.  Overall, our favorite meals were had at TAO.  The pork belly scallop appetizer was unbelievable, and we died over their chocolate dessert.  It was a cake, but it almost tasted  like chocolate bread pudding or something.  We had it three times during our stay.

our last night...dinner on the beach and dessert at TAO!

Honeymooning is just the best.


  1. Tea time - how fun! That's definitely unique. The food looks awesome! I'm not a huge drinker, but I love the idea of going to an all-inclusive and having any drink I want any time I want. Oh, the power!

    1. Yes, the power was awesome! We are ready to go back!