Thursday, July 3, 2014

our honeymoon: the resort

Well, hello there!  After a month and a half off for the end of school, our wedding, and the honeymoon, I'm back with a new last name and a lot of free time to blog!  I promise to write all about the big day and the events leading up to it, but I want to wait until we get the pretty professional pics from Amanda (our photographer).  In the mean time in between time, I'm going to do a few installments about our honeymoon!  

Austin made all of the arrangements for our trip to St. Lucia to stay at The Body Holiday resort for a week, and I can't say enough good things about this place.  Everything was just fabulous.  Austin really did his homework, and he ended up planning the prefect honeymoon.  We both had a GREAT time!  

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with lemon spritzers and escorted to our room where we found a bunch of goodies (champagne, flowers, robes, etc.).  We both really liked the robes.  :)

You couldn't beat the view from our patio.  As soon as we opened our doors, we could hear, smell, and see the beach!  Our room was also gorgeous.  The bed was very comfortable and the bathroom was super snazzy.  

The entire resort was stunning.  In the picture below you can see the rooms (the white buildings), and then the rest of the resort (restaurants, pools, the spa, tennis courts, etc.) curves around to the right.  No matter where you went, you were always just a few steps away from the beach!

We spent a fair amount of time hanging out by the infinity pool either under an umbrella or laying in a little cabana.  

The most time, however, was spent on the beach.  I'll get more into the activities that we did in another post, but the beach was gorgeous and there was plenty to do!

Mr. & Mrs. Harmon!

When we weren't in a lounge chair, we were in the water cooling off.  The resort had a "floating living room" with couches and a coffee table, and if you needed a drink while you were out there, one of the staff members would come and bring you one!

Another favorite spot was the spa!  Once a day we would climb the stairs to heaven the spa and have a treatment done.  Obviously, that was fabulous.

the view from the top of the stairs

the spa

Like I said, Austin did a great job planning our trip.  It was just perfect!  I'll be back soon with tales of the food and drinks, our activities, and our reading lists.  But for now, happy birthday America!!  Everyone have a safe and happy 4th!


  1. The resort looks gorgeous! I'm happy to hear that y'all had an amazing time. That's the way it should be on your honeymoon!

    1. Thanks, Amy! We definitely had a wonderful vacation! We'd heard from a few newlywed friends that the honeymoon is very much needed after all of the wedding stress, and I totally agree.

  2. Wow, this place looks like a perfect getaway! so happy for you two!! good job austin! :)

    1. You and Stephen should go. I'll start dropping some hints...