Saturday, December 17, 2011

painting with a twist

Yesterday was Austin's company Christmas retreat, and I got to go!  First, we went to lunch at this delicious seafood restaurant in Dallas, and then we went to a place called "painting with a twist".  At "painting with a twist" we all got to paint a's what went down:

We walked into our private party room...

And saw all of our blank canvases just waiting for some color!

And then I got distracted by these adorable mini paintings:

Then, I collected myself, we tied on our aprons, and got down to business...

Our painting instructor, Victoria, was a hoot.  She is from Sweden, and her accent wasn't the only crazy thing about her.  She had a little bell that she would ring whenever we were "too quiet".  Every time she rang the bell we had to take a drink of our wine.  She told us that our paintings were like the opposite sex..."the more we drink the better they look!" Oh boy...

Here's my painting in three stages:
halfway there

and I...

had a wonderful time with the Ward Group!


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