Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nanaw's 80th Birthday!

Welp, it's that time again.  Another one of my grandparents turned the big 8-0, and my family went nuts celebrating. 

This past weekend, my mom's side of the family packed it up and headed to Shreveport, LA for my Nanaw's 80th birthday!  It was quite the adventure. 

On Friday afternoon, we checked in at the Sam's Town hotel and casino...

And a little later that night we surprised Nanaw at a yummy Italian restaurant called Monjuni's.  She was a bit startled to say the least :)

She seriously had no clue that all of us would be joining her on her "inpromptu trip to the casino", so you probably could have knocked her over with a feather when she walked in and saw all of her friends, kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.

For dinner, I ordered this eggplant parmesan (delicious!):

And for dessert I ate the icing off of the Italian cream cheese cake that they brought my grandparents... 

Once we were back at the hotel, Nanaw opened her presents.  She got a purse and lots of money to put in the purse (and then take back out of the purse and gamble with).

Since that money was just burning a hole in her pocket, we decided to hit the casino, VIP player cards in hand!

The first night was so much fun.  We mostly stuck to the slots...

Aunt Cheri, Nanaw, Aunt Linda, and Sherbo

Saturday morning/afternoon was reserved for shopping on the Louisiana Boardwalk.

We went into tons of stores and I bought some things I just couldn't live without, but I was mostly interested in taking silly pictures of my fam bam.

Here's two red heads with their namesake truck:
Gregg and Jimbo
And here we all are being eaten by the alligators outside of Bass Pro Shop:




For dinner that night we went to Copeland's of New Orleans for some good ol' Louisiana seafood.  I ordered the shrimp and crab cake alfredo which was just scrumptous, and for dessert my dad and I split a reeses cheesecake:

We all had such a great time.  I've said it once and I'll say it again: my family is the best, and I love them so.  Happy 80th bird day Nanaw!  Here's to 80 more!!

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