Friday, November 9, 2012

20 questions

The reaction that I get from people when they find out I teach middle school is generally the same across the board. 

The widening eyes.

The eyebrow raise.

The look of absolute horror.

That is usually followed up with a, "WOW, you're brave," or a, "My goodness, how do you do it?!"

My answer?

"I cannot deal with little kindygartners because they can't do anything for themselves.  Also, I still look like I'm in high school, so teaching kids that actually are in high school probably wouldn't work."

The truth is, I really do like working with middle schoolers.  Sure, they're moody and can definitely catch an attitude with me every once in awhile, but they are actually at a great age.  They're old enough to where they can do things by themselves (i.e. go to the bathroom or sharpen a pencil), but they're not so old that they are lost on the cutesy things that I like to do (i.e. free time Fridays or my bookworms wall). 

One of the things that is particularly funny to me about middle schoolers though, is the questions they ask me. 

Just the other day I had a doozy of a question from one of my students.

We're currently in our "persuasion unit", so we're talking a lot about commercials, marketing, and how media targets specific audiences.  One word that we've been using a lot is "tweens" (kids aged 9ish-12ish).  Now, I know that the word "tween" was derived from the word "between" because this group of people are in the stage BETWEEN being a kid and being a teenager.  Apparently all of my kids didn't quite get that though.  This caused one little boy's hand to shoot up and ask me, "Ms. Chandler, I understand the TEEN part of the word 'tween', but I don't get the WEENERS?"

Seriously kid, why are you talking to me about weeners?  That's just weird.

I also get asked some pretty crazy personal questions.

For whatever reason, my students are obsessed with finding out my age.  They must have some kind of bet riding on it or something.  I've come up with a great answer though.  At least, I think it's great.  Any time one of my boogerheads asks me the dreaded, "Ms. Chandler, how old are you!?"  I say, "I.  Am..........................................................97 years old.  Don't I age well?"

It gets a puzzled look (and usually a laugh) every time.

Another thing my kids want to know about me is whether or not I am a member of various social media sites.

"Ms. Chandler, do you have facebook?"

"Are you on instagram?"

"What's your twitter name?"

Yeah right, guys. 

My answer for these questions is one that I stole from my friend KK's older sister who is also a teacher.

Any time I'm asked a question like that I simply reply, "What's (insert name of app/site here)?"

"What's twitter??"
Let me tell you, it is really amusing to hear a 12 year old attempt explain the ins and outs of facebook.

The way I see it, these kids are just preparing me for when I have little puppies of my own.  Hopefully by the time my own kids are in 7th grade I will be immune to goofy questions.

Either that, or I will have zero tolerance left and will end up going crazy.

Let's hope it's not the latter... 

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