Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a girly, gabey, weekend

One of my best frans came to visit me this weekend!  Meet Gabe:
Gabe and I in high school at a dance team banquet.
Gabe's real name is Rebecca.  I call her Gabe or Gabey though.  We met in high school because we were both on the good ol' Clements Stars dance team.  She is one year younger than I am.  She went to A&M with me, and we were roomies during my Junior year.  She is the bee's knees, and I love hangin' with her.

Gabe got into town on Friday evening, and we immediately headed to Kona Grill for happy hour drinks and sushi.  Here's the thing about Kona Grill happy hour...it is delicious, super cheap, and they have yummy drinks.  However, it gets PACKED on Fridays during happy hour.  Why, you ask?  Because they only offer HH prices if you sit in the bar or outside.  What?!  There is a TON of room inside to sit, but no one wants to sit in there because you have to shell out the big bucks.  So, Gabe and I waited in this stupid line to get a table outside.  We got to order drinks while we waited (awesome), but we had to stand there for-ev-er.  Oh, and this is great: we got a table at 7:04, and happy hour ends at 7:00.  That was a spectacular feeling.  So, we paid HH prices for dranks, but had to pay the whole enchilada for some suhsi.  Oh well.  It was still yummy, and I got to hang with my pal.   

Happy becuase we FINALLY got a seat.
After dinner, we headed over to a friend's house and played this awesome game called "Cards Against Humanity".  It's basically an "adult" version of "Apples to Apples".  Hilarious.  We also drank some cider that tasted like pumpkins.  Scrumptious.

We woke up relatively early on Saturday, I went to dance to teach little ballerinas, and then we headed out on the town.  We ate at one of my favorite places, Torchy's Tacos:  

Fajita Steak on the left, Baja Shrimp on the right.

After Torchy's, we drove to one of the best places on Earth, The Allen Outlet Mall:
Heaven on Earth
I bought quite a few things.  I was really trying to limit my purchases since the holidays and my birthday are coming up, but there were just so many items that I needed.  Oops.

Pink Toms that look like pointe shoes, a definite need.
We walked away with a ton of great stuff. Here's Gabe-o with her loot:

The mall really took it out of us, so we swung by Chipotle on our way home, sat on the couch, and watched old dance DVDs while we stuffed our faces.  Good times all around.  I love watching old dance recitals, and I'm sure that Austin is grateful to Gabe that I got it out of my system for awhile.  

On Sunday we went to brunch.  Duh.  Austin and I took Gabe to our my favorite spot, Breadwinner's.  They have, in my opinion, one of the best brunches in Dallas.  I got this chicken casserole that was served over seasoned potatoes with asparagus and plenty of cheese.  Divine.  Gabe got the banana's foster waffles.  I drank the sauce that she had leftover. 

My casserole...YUM.
We spent the afternoon cutting the tags off of our new purchases, and come nightfall, we went over to our friend's apartment to grill some duck.  SIDENOTE: Austin did not partake in the majority of our activities over the weekend due to the high levels of girliness.  Instead, he did manly things like hunt, gather, and golf (that's why we had duck to grill).

Here are the guys tending to the grill...

And here are Gabe and I waiting for dinner...

Dinner is served!

Duck wraps with beans and corn...yes please!
I had a great weekend with a great gal.  Hopefully you guys had a good one too!

Oh, and happy election day!  We are having a little get together at our apartment tonight to watch the results come in.  More on that, plus another double edition of project 365 later this week!


  1. Aww, looks like a fantastic time! You hit the highlights for sure - Breadwinners, the outlet mall, can't go wrong with either of those! Glad you got to spend some time with your good friend!

    Hope your election party was fun!*

  2. I looove the outlets, but they are dangerous! I need to limit myself to like 5 trips a year or something.