Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween with the (soon to be) harmons

Happy November everybody!  I can't believe the holiday season is almost upon's nuts!  Before I start talking about turkeys and singing about reindeer though, let's chat about Halloween...  

I came home from work yesterday afternoon and immediately got to work on dinner:

White Bean Turkey Chili for two!  

I love this recipe.  It's so easy, and the chili is yum yum in the tum tum for sure (here's a link).  My plan was to eat this with Austin while we watched Hocus Pocus on ABC family.  However, it turns out that Austin doesn't like Hocus Pocus OR ABC family.  I thought I could lure him into the best Halloween movie of all time with some chili, but he could not be tempted!  So, we watched Wheel of Fortune and a documentary about how racist Ole Miss used to be instead.  Close enough :)  All I really cared about was eating the chili.  

Couples Chili


After diner, we headed to the softball fields.  Austin's team was supposed to have a game, but when we got to the park, all of the lights were off and no one was there.  It turns out that the league moved the games to next week without telling anyone.  Cool!

I was expecting to see this...instead I just saw a field fulla nothin'.

Instead of letting the cancelled game spoil our spirit, we headed over to a friend's house to hang out, watch basketball, and eat the treats I brought.  

I made some Oreo cheesecake cookies that turned out to be really good.  Plus, there were a bunch of Oreos leftover after I finished making the cookies.  Extra Oreos are always a good thing.

Here's the cookie recipe!
I also brought a big bucket of candy.  I tried to get our friend's cat, Mowgli, to pose with the bucket, but it was hard to get a good picture. 


"talk to the tail"...
I told Mowgli that he did not have a future in any cat Halloween ads, and that he should not ask me to be a reference should he ever enter the feline modeling industry.   

That'll show him.

Anyway, our Halloween was definitely not as crazy as Halloween's past, but I still had fun.  Oh, and if you're wondering about my costume....

I dressed up as a newly engaged, 7th grade English teacher who teaches dance on the side.  

It was a pretty complicated costume.

I hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday!  In the mean time, I'm officially starting my countdown to Thanksgiving.  Uncle Scott: I hope you've got your deep fryer warming up!!  I'm already craving your famous fried turkey!


  1. My guy didn't go for my movie of choice either. (No Nake Jungle!) Instead we watched Season of the Witch (scary) and Young Frankenstein (not scary). We wanted to watch one more movie, but we didn't even make it through both of those. We are old people and go to bed at 9 pm every night. It's sad, I know.*

    1. Haha we're old too! We didn't even dress up, let alone go out on the town.