Wednesday, March 28, 2012

project 365 vol. 12

My favorite time of year is coming.  Summer!  I love love love that it's getting's what I've been doing to celebrate the climate change:
Sunday March 18, 2012
 Unfortunately, I went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries last week.  This was by no means a celebration, as there were millions of people there and it took forever for me to check out.  Wally world...great place to people watch; horrible place to shop/get good customer service/have a sense of smell.

Monday March 19, 2012
On Monday there was a storm a-brewin'!  I was at the dance studio teaching a jazz class to little munchkin heads in a room made up of mostly windows when it started to POUR.  Wind, rain, thunder, lightning.  Then, the office manager came into the room to tell me that "if I hear a tornado siren I should retreat to the center of the studio".  Good to know.  In the end, there were no tornados and I made it home safe.  AND my car got a free wash. :)

Tuesday March 20, 2012
On Tuesday I got to do something really cute!  Two of my friends are throwing a bridal shower for another one of my friends, and in the invitation they requested that each guest give the bride a recipe.  I decided to write one of my faves...lemon basil chicken.  What a great idea for a bridal shower, right?!  I'm definitely going to steal this.

Wednesday March 21, 2012
Do y'all play DrawSomething?  If you don't, you should start.  And play me!  I'm addicted to this game.  It's like Words with Friends and pictionary mixed together.  Above you can see one of my latest creations.  I may have a little too much free time on my hands, huh?

Thursday March 22, 2012
I started reading this book on this particular Thursday.  I haven't gotten too far into it yet, but what I've read is really great.  It switches between a Jewish family living in Paris during the Holocaust and a family living in Paris during present day.  I haven't figured out the connection between the two families yet, but I bet it's a good one! 

Friday March 23, 2012
Last Friday I picked out my swim suit for this summer!  It's from Target, and guess what?  When I went to pick this little diddy up, it was 60% off the original price, and they only had one left in my size.  It was meant to be.

Saturday March 24, 2012
I went to Target on Saturday, and while I was there I bought these ramekins.  I heart them.  I need to get a kitchen torch so I can make creme brulee. 

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