Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I think it's about time for an update on what's been going on around here in terms of dinner.  These are some of the things we've been chompin' on:

I could probably cook this every week and Austin would be a happy camper.  Every time I make it, it gets a little bit's the perfect one dish meal, and the leftovers taste great!  

Austin actually found this recipe for us, and I think it's a keeper!  If you like Mexican/TexMex, this would be a great dish to try.  I love the flavor that the tomatillos and chipotle peppers give the chicken, and topping everything on that crispy tortilla makes it all work.  Yum!

Yum Yum YUMMMMM!!!  That's all I have to say about that.

This is another recipe found by Austie Marie, and I have to say...I wasn't too terribly jazzed about attempting to tackle grits.  I had never tried them before because personally, I think they look nasty.  However, I was willing to give them a try because Austin wanted to eat this.  The verdict?  I'm not a fan of grits, particularly the "instant grits" that this recipe called for.  Maybe I'd like gritties if they were cooked by a professional Southern chef.  BUT, here's the good news: the shrimp from this recipe is aweeeee-some.  I added the leftover shrimp to some angel hair pasta for Austin's lunch the next day, and it was delish. 

Ok, this isn't the most photogenic dinner I've ever made, but it IS one of the yummiest.  Chicken and Dumplings has always been one of my favorites, and even though my grandma's version will always be the best, I think this recipe/mine is pretty good too!

This.  Was.  Great.  Austin told me it was in his top 5 favorite things I've ever cooked.  It was pretty simple (but kind of messy!) to put together, and it was ready quick!  The chicken turns out so moist (probably because of the cheese in the middle), and I LOVE the sauce that you put on top of everything.  We will definitely be having this again and again!

About a year ago, Austin went on this little Men's Health diet.  We tried a bunch of different recipes that Men's Health gave him, and there were a few keepers that we still make today.  These turkey burgers are one of those recipes.  These are definitely not as good as sinking your teeth into a juicy, meaty, bacon cheeseburger, BUT they are still really great and healthy!  I like to top mine off with some colby jack, guacamole, and a toasty toasty bun.

There ya go!  Try one of these yummies for dinner soon!

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