Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my kitchen smells like mexico

Ok I'm lying.  I've never been to Mexico, so I don't know what it smells like, but my kitchen does currently smell like a Mexican restaurant, and that is always a good thing!

I think I've mentioned on here a time or two how much Austin loves Mexican food, so this week he requested that I make Arroz Con Pollo (aka rice with chicken).  I got this recipe from our friend, Caesar, who got it from his mama.  It's relatively simple to make, and while it is a little time consuming the end result is totally worth it!

So here's how to do it!

Arroz Con Pollo

1 bell pepper
1 yellow onion
2 cloves of garlic, smashed
2 chicken bouillon cubes
2 chicken breasts
Chili powder
About 2 tbs butter
1 cup of uncooked rice
2 packets Goya seasoning (can be found in the International aisle of your grocery store)

First, cut up 1/4 of your bell pepper and 1/4 of your onion.  But wait!  Don't rid yourself of the 3/4ths you have left over because you will need it in a minute!  You should also go ahead and smash your garlic and give it a rough chop.  

Fill a large pot about 3/4ths of the way full with water, and add in your previously chopped and smashed pepper, onion, and garlic.  Bring that up to a boil, and then add in your 2 bouillon cubes.  While the water is getting hot hot hot it's time to season your chickadees.  Sprinkle each side liberally with salt, pepper, cumin, and chili powder.

About this time your water should be boiling...

Doesn't that look like a fun pool party??  Yummy yummy look at all those veggies swimming around.  But now it's time for the guest of honor to arrive!  Put your chickens in the pool, cover 'em up, and then let them take a dip for about 12 minutes, or until they are cooked through.

While your chicken is being all social at the pool party chop up that 3/4ths of the pepper and onion that you previously had in time out.  I like to thinly slice these guys so they look like the side of veggies you get when you order fajitas.

About this time your chicken should be done, so take it out of the water, and set aside to cool for a bit.  Now you'll want to strain out some of the water that you cooked the chicken in, and use it to cook the rice.  I use 1 cup of uncooked rice, and then add in about 2 1/4th cups of the chicken water.  Now, if you don't have a rice should get one!  They are awesome and you can cook all sorts of things in them.  Ok, so once you've got your RC (that's rice cooker), dump in the rice, chicken H2O, and a wee bit of butter.  This is also the moment when you dump in 1 packet of Goya seasoning.  Your RC should look like this:

Turn on your rice, and get back to your veggies.  Heat up a saucepan, and add in your 2 tbs of butter. 

Start by cooking your onions a bit, and the add in the bell peppers.  Again, you want to cook these so they look like the steaming mountain of yum that comes with your fajitas! 

While your veggies are a-cookin' you can pull apart your chicken:

Add the chicken to your cooked pepper and onion, and then stir in the second Goya seasoning packet.

Goya makes your chicken taste yummy and turn ORANGE.  Who doesn't love some orange chicken??

At this point in time you can start doing your dishes.  About the time that you're scrubbing your chicken water pot your rice should be ready...oh happy day!  Orange rice!!

Now all that's left to do is mix in the chicken and veggies:

There you have it, folks.  Authentic arroz con pollo!  I had to go to work yesterday evening, so I made it ahead of time and then left the goods for Austin to discover when he got home from work.  I think he was a happy camper last night :)

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