Saturday, August 20, 2011

back to school

Ok life update:

1) I start student teaching 7th grade ELA on September 7th!!!

2) I met my "cooperating teacher" yesterday, and she is really great!  Plus, she is the cheerleading coach, so I get to help do cheer stuff too :)

3) I got a job as a teaching assistant at a dance studio here in Dallas!  I start teaching on Monday!

4) Austin got a new job with the old company (The Ward Group) that he used to work for!!  I'm so glad that he has a job that he loves again!

Lots of exclamation points up in hurr--things are getting exciting around these parts fo sho.  Especially since Aggie football is about to start!

An update that is not so fun: Austin is out of town this weekend.  Boo...I don't like it when he's gone.  He's currently somewhere by a lake at a bachelor party where there is allegedly zero cell phone reception (how convenient).  Oh well, it's just an excuse for me to watch chick flicks galore, scrapbook, dance around the apartment in my tap shoesies that my mom sent me this week, and go shopping! 

Speaking of shopping, somehow my Carrabba's paycheck was about twice as much as it normally is this week.  I don't know how that happened...I guess I worked more than I thought or more people are starting to crave Italian food now that it's been over 100 degrees for the past few weeks, so my tip-share is more.  Who knows?  Either way, the big checkeroo coupled with the fact that it's tax free weekend meant one thing: it was time for me to hit up the Allen outlets.  I haven't gone shopping in a looong time, and figured I needed some "back to school" clothes.  Seriously.  I have almost nothing in my closet that even remotely resembles "teacher clothes", so off to the outlets I went.  I'd say it was a success:

I get a little excited when I go to outlet malls.  I think I'm set for big girl clothes for a little while though!

In terms of our eats for the rest of the week...on Thursday I made this:

From this:
Love me some Ina
And then for dessert I made these:

From THIS!

I'm excited to tell y'all about my tales from the dance studio this week and show you guys what we're munching on.  Until then it's back to Love Actually...

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