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sytycd recap: top 8!

First of all, I want to apologize for my lack of a recap from last week's show.  Apparently new teacher training consumes not only your morning, afternoon, and early evening, but also your brain cells that tell you to record your favorite TV show.  So, I only caught about half of the show...womp.  However, the half that I did see was amazing for two reasons:

1) The dancers all performed old Mia Michaels routines.  Glorious!  All of the dances were good (duh), but I honestly think the originals were better.  Isn't that usually the case though?  My favorite dance that I actually saw was "the addiction dance" with Lindsay and Cole (originally performed by Kayla and Kupono).

Kayla and Kupono WORKING IT...look at that leg!

2) JANELLE AND DAREIAN WENT HOME!  Amelia and Matthew also got the boot (I was less that thrilled about Matthew aka Ryan Gosling look-alike going home, but what can ya do?)

Alright, let's all send up a "thank you" to the powers that be for the departure of the belly dancing wonder and the boy who can't point his toes and move onto last night's show...

Top 10

The night started off with a Broadway number about Eliana a Gene Kelly movie set.  I liked it a lot, but I didn’t really get why Tyce chose to feature Eliana…she’s annoying :/

Cat came out after the opening number wearing disco ball inspired pajamas and showed us the late Gene Kelly’s much younger widow.  Then she also told us all about the top 10 and the all-stars they would be dancing with for the show.

All-star Brandon and Tiffany kicked things off with a very lift-y disco routine.  I loved the remix that they danced to, and I thought the number was very entertaining!  Also very sparkly. 

Burn baby burn...

Whitney and all-star Nick were up next with a Travis Wall Jazz dance!!  To be honest, it wasn’t my favorite piece that Trav has ever done (I like his contemporaries better), but the dancing was great!  I loved the musicality and accents.  SIDENOTE: Do y’all know about Travis and Nick’s show on Oxygen, All the Right Moves??  If you aren’t watching it, you are missing out!!  Lots of dance.  Lots of drama.  Lots of Travis! 

Cole and all-star Anya were right after the Jazz with a Cha Cha choreographed by SYTYCD alum, Dimitri.  After I got past Anya’s lone black leather glove, I remembered that I don’t really like Cole.  I wasn’t feelin’ this number or their chemistry.  Once again, Cole does not get my vote.

The next couple to take the stage was Lindsay and all-star Jacob.  I really liked the concept of this Broadway piece (Lindsay and her shadow: Jacob).  It was SO fun to watch!!  They were both so in sync and there was such great style.  Loved it!


All-star Katherine and Will did the next number: Baliwood.  Ok, I’m sorry, but Baliwood is just so stupid.  I can’t be the only one who feels this way, can I?!  I mean, Will was out there playing the flute for goodness sakes.  I watch this show to see people dance not hop in and out of a giant basket.  I still love Will though!

Y'all look crazy.

Cyrus did a Contemporary by Travis Wall with all-star Jaimie next.  Here’s the Contemporary Travis that I love so much!  I loved the concept of the piece (it’s the end of the world and Jaimie and Cyrus are the only survivors), and these two did a great job dancing it.  Jaimie is one of my favorite past SYTYCD contestants, so it was awesome seeing her again.        


All-star Lauren and Chehon were next on tha floor with a Dave Scott lyrical Hip Hop routine.  I thought this dance was just OK.  It was just kind of anti-climatic, and the costumes/Chehon’s hair weren’t doing anybody any favors.   

The next couple up was George and all-star Allison dancing a Jazz routine about “one night in Paris”.  To me, this dance was kind of odd.  For one thing, the music was very weird.  Lots of random sounds and voices out of nowhere.  Also, was it just me, or did the whole thing seem like it was in fast-forward?  Before I watched the show last night I spray painted a bookshelf, so it could’ve just been the fumes.  Either way, George and Allison are still amazing!

The next dance was a Stacey Tookey Contemporary routine danced by Eliana and all-star Alex.  Alex is one of the best dancers that I have ever seen, and I wish that I didn’t despise Eliana because the piece really was incredible.  The dancing, choreography and movement was just superb.  OH and I LOVE the song that they danced to.  “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra.  Get that shiz if you don’t gotsdit already.   


The final routine of the night was another Dave Scott Hip Hop.  All-star Twitch was paired with Audrey, and they played two dead people coming back to life to perform for us.  I thought it was a really cute, funny, and entertaining routine.  Twitch is just so great…love him!

Alright, dancing over.  Time to send some folks home.  Cat announced that Whitney and Audrey were the bottom two girls and Chehon and George were the bottom boys.  Audrey!  No!  George!  Why?!  Nigel then announced that all four contestants in the bottom would do a solo, and lots of people cheered.

While we were waiting on the judge’s final decision, we were treated to an amazing performance by LA Dance Project.  WOW.  I loved this piece.  I think I could watch those dancers/that choreography for a very long time.

Quick commercial break, and then back to the nitty gritty.  My vote on who should stay?  Audrey and George.  The judges vote?  Whitney and Chehon.  Sheesh.  The judges and I are just not in sync this year.  My four favorite dancers are already out, and we’re only at the top 8!  Bah humbug L

Here’s to none of my faves going home next week, but they probably will anyways!

Quick Recaps:

Favorite girl right now: Lindsay (Tiffany is a close second)

Favorite boy right now: Will (I’m also really feelin’ Cyrus)

Girl I hope goes home: Eliana

Boy I hope goes home: Cole (how is he still here?!)

Best routine of the night: Eliana and Alex’s Contemporary. 

Worst routine of the night: Will and Katherine’s Balliwood.  Duh.   

SYTYCD Flashback of the week: "This Woman's Work" by Melissa and Ade from season 5, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  I love this music.  I love Melissa.  I love Ade.  I love the choreography.  Perfection!

And so ends another week in the world of SYTYCD!  I'll be back next week to tell ya all about the top 8 (assuming my students haven't turned me into a deep fried teacher sandwich)  :)

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