Friday, December 14, 2012

austin's birthday!

Last Wednesday Austin had his Jack Bauer bird day (he turned 24)!  We started celebrating on Wednesday, and the party train kept on rolling until Sunday.  Here's how it all went down:


Balloons and presents on the morn of his special day!

I got the birthday man money to go towards a new set of golf irons, some beehs, and this cool Aggie calendar that features a different vintage A&M football program cover each month.  

Around 6:07 (aka the time I woke up) on the morning of Austin's b-day, I started feeling a little under the weather.  I sipped on some hot chocolate and decided to brave the 7th graders.  About 7:58 (aka the minute after I walked into school), I tossed my chocolate.  Gross.  I tried to tough it out because I really didn't want to miss work, but about 8:42 (aka 12 minutes after the start of school), I tossed again.  Alright, alright...time to go home :(  I made it home, barfed a bit more, called my mom to let her know I was dying and that I would miss her dearly, and finally fell asleep.   

I was feeling pretty pitiful...
Austin came home for lunch, and he brought me water and crackers.  How great is he???  It's his bird day, and he's taking care of little ol' me.  He's definitely a keeper!

I was actually feeling better that night, so we went to dinner with some friends at Park Tavern...

I got the grilled chicken (plain) and Austin had some spicy shrimp thing.
Happy Birthday!!!

I was feeling much better come Thursday, so I went to work, taught dance, and then came home and made some pizzas for "boiz nite":

Pepperoni with Jalepenos and BBQ Chicken
Because I am a big nerd, I made the boiz some birthday cupcakes and suggested they forced them to sing him happy birthday.

Make a wish!!

Saturday was the big affair.  We rounded up some of our best good friends and headed out to the fort (Ft. Worth, that is)!

We started with dinner at Joe T. Garcia's.  My sister and I split the fajitas:  

There was also a mariachi band...

After dinner, we headed to the Stockyards for a little bit.

I like this boy!
Best Buds
There was an awesome band gettin' their groove on in the first place we went...

We trotted back to our hotel for a bit to regroup before the next leg of our adventure.  There was a Christmas tree in the lobby, so we definitely had to snap a pic!

Once we were all ready, we went out to downtown Ft. Worth.  They were all decorated for Christmas!!

We started out at a place called The Library.  They have cheap drinks and good music.  I may or may not have cut a little rug.

Austin with another December birthday boy, Collin!
After we were done with the libs, we decided to go to "Scat Jazz Lounge".  Then they told us there was a $10 cover.  No thanks!

Back to walking around with the pretty lights and funny construction comics...

We ended our night at The Flyer Saucer.  They had good beers but better popcorn.  At this point in the evening, we were all majorly craving something like this poppy.  It was flavored with dill and some other flavor that I don't remember.  Yum yum!

We spent the night at the hotel, and on Sunday we ate lunch at Jake's Hamburgers.  That place is the bomb.  Particularly their sweet potato fries.

We had a great trip in the fort, and I think Austin had a fun birthday all around!  I'm so glad he was born and that I get to help him celebrate!!

On to the holly days!!!


  1. I love that y'all go all out when you celebrate! Looks like it was a great b-day for Austin. (A little bit less so for you since you were sick - no fun!)

    Fort Worth is a great place to visit! I love that it has a smaller feel than Dallas and you can actually walk to places. One spring break, Stephen and I went to a bed and breakfast in Ft. Worth. While we were there, we went to the local museums, walked around down town, did all kinds of stuff. High recommend!*

  2. It sounds like you may be pregnant....