Monday, December 31, 2012

the best of 2012


I kicked off the new year by taking a wonderful little trip to our friend's lake house.  We hung out, looked at the lake, and (my personal favorite) fed deer!

I also started the year off with a new job: substitute teaching.  This definitely was not my favorite thing to do, but I was certainly willing to "pay my dues" as a sub if it meant getting experience and gaining connections that could help me land a full time gig.  Did it pay off?  Stay tuned...


My bird day month!  I turned the big 2-3 on the 5th of Feb, and we had many a celebration.  My family came to visit one weekend, and we went to one of my favorite spots: P. F. Changs!

Later in the month, Austin gave me my gift: a couple's cooking class at Central Market complete with a fabulous dinner.  He knows me too well.


For St. Patty's Day, Austin and I went to the big parade in Dallas on Greenville (that's a street name for you non Dallas-ers).  We drank green beer and caught beads from the parade.  It was a very fun and festive day.

March also marked the beginning of sports galore for Austin.  Over the course of a year he played kickball, softball, and volleyball.  I stayed safely on the sidelines and provided after-game snacks for the players.


We moved to a new apartment in April!!  We now live closer to all of our friends, really close to Austin's job, and we are loving life in our new spot!  We're planning to renew our lease in April and stay here for another year.  Speaking of Austin's job...April was also the month that Austin was offered the job of his dreams!  He works for The Richards Group (an advertising agency), and he loves loves loves what he does!  

My grandma turned 80 in April!  We celebrated by surprising her with a trip to Shreveport, LA to go gambling and eat some good seafood.  I think she had a great time.  I know I did!


I visited a few of my besties in Austin over Cinco de Mayo.  We hung out at Barton Springs, went out on 6th Street, and ate some amazing food.  When in Austin, it is now a must for me to get a Flying Pig doughnut from Gordough's.  I truly think that this doughnut has healing powers...

I also took a big test in May.  I passed (!!!), and now I am certified to teach Dance 8th-12th grade.  Whoot whoot!


We had our recital in June.  It was a loooong two days, but it was so much fun to hang out with my PowerHouse family and see all of the little dancers.  June was also my Daddy's bird day and Father's day.  Shout out, Jimbo!! 


July was a pretty big month for me.  Probably my favorite of 2012.  We started the month off with a wonderful 4th of July celebration.  Austin Proposed!  (I said YES)

Later in the month, I was offered my first teaching job!  I signed on at John B. Hood Middle School in Dallas ISD as a 6th grade Reading teacher.  I knew it was going to be a very challenging job, but I was up for it.  More experience to help me (hopefully) land my dream job in a district like Allen, Plano, etc.

We also asked all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen if they would stand up with us on our wedding day!  I made the girls a cutesy note attached to a bottle of wine, and we gave the boys a mini bottle of Jim Beam.


I had my first day of school as a teacher in August!  It was scary, but I survived!

August was also the beginning of a new dance year.  PowerHouse moved into a new studio, and I am still loving every minute that I get to spend there.  We have such a talented staff, and our dancers are just the cutest things ever.


September was quite a busy month, but we did our best to have some fun.  Trips to College Station for some Aggie football is an example of some of that fun :)


I started a new job in October!!  A position opened up in Allen at the school where I student taught last year (the school that I l-o-v-e), so I jumped at the opportunity to work there.  I moved into a new classroom, and I have been incredibly happy ever since.  

Austin and I celebrated 3 years together on the 14th.  We continued the tradition of consuming large amounts of meat and had a grand ol' time.


I took a trip down to Houston in November to celebrate my other grandma's birthday and see Les Miserables.  It was an amazing show, and now I am itching to see the movie.  

In football news, A&M had a pretty good game against Alabama.  We kicked that booty!  What's up Johnny Football Heisman!!!


Austin celebrated his 24th birthday on the 5th (isn't it cute that our birthdays are both on the 5th?).  We went to Ft. Worth and partied hard.  I also made him some cupcakes.

My mom's birthday was the 18th, and she came up to Dallas to celebrate.  Happy bird day, Sherbo!

December was obviously also the month of Christmas.  Austin and I traveled down to the Houston area and had many celebrations.  It was a great Christmas!

2012 was a fantastic year!  It definitely seemed like a lot of things went our way which was much appreciated, and I am certainly feeling very blessed as I look back.  I'm excited to see what 2013 has up its sleeve.  I definitely foresee a lot of wedding planning (we're planning to get hitched in June or July of 2014).  I'm also looking forward to growing as a teacher, spending lots of time with family, and hanging out with my main squeeze.  

Happy New Year, everybody!!!  Have a safe and fun celebration tonight :)


  1. Jamie! You are too funny! Looks like 2012 was great, hope 2013 is even better!!

  2. I love reading year end recaps like this! And what a great year you had! Getting engaged, moving, getting your kick-ass job!

    I hope that you and Austin have a wonderful 2013. I hope that wedding planning is a stress-free as possible and that the rest of your first year of teaching goes smoothly!*

    1. Thanks, Amy! I loved reading your recap post too. Cheers to 2013!