Sunday, December 9, 2012

project 365 vol. 46 & 47

Ok, my blog has been MESSED UP lately.  Apparently I was posting too many pics up in hurr, so I was out of room and I couldn't post again until I upgraded my account!  What the duck, google!?  Don't you know that people love lookin' at my pics??  What's the point of having a blog without pictures?  Anyhoo, I decided to bite the bullet and just upgrade my google account for $2.95/month.

That's right, I now pay a big ol' 3 bucks every 30 days to bring you the barefoot ballerina.  Show me some love to let me know it's worth it :)

So, now that I have that figured out, we are back to our regularly scheduled blogging.  Here's another DOUBLE EDITION of P365: 

Sunday November 18, 2012
You know how Austin and some of his friends have "boiz nite" every week?  I think I've told y'all about it before.  They eat pizza, play dominos, and drink beerz and whiskey.  It's quite manly.  Some of us gals in my group of friends started to feel left out!  So what did we do?  We had ourselves a "gurlz nite"!  For the first installment we watched two of the Twilight movies and had a champagne bar.  The picture up there is my champagne with raspberries, lemon, and basil.  Very classy, very yummy!

Monday November 19, 2012
These were peppermint bark brownies that I made for "gurlz nite".  I had to pick up some things wine at Central Market, and I saw these in a box.  I thought they looked good, so I bought the mix.  Apparently all I needed were two eggs and some water.  Easy peasy.  NOT.  I dropped my last two eggs on the floor, and they broke.  Luckily, two of our good friends live across the street, and they were fully stocked with eggs.  The next problem?  The box did not include the "peppermint pieces" that were advertised on the front.  What's up with that, Central Market??  I subbed in some sprinkles.  These ended up tasting just okay.  I think it's because I added my frustration into the mix.  I've got to remember to always bake with love in my heart...

Tuesday November 20, 2012
I got my hurr did just before Thanksgiving.  It is always hilarious to me how insane a person can look during the process of getting pretty.  I was pleased with the result though.  My hair is a little bit shorter, a touch darker, and it has layers...ooh la la!

Wednesday November 21, 2012
We headed home to Houston on the day before T-day.  Austin got off work early, so we rolled into town just in time for a late dinner with Austin's mama.  We went to Gringo's, and I orded these pulled pork quesadillas.  Holy yum.  Next time you go there, get these dang 'dillas!  They were scrumptous.
Thursday November 22, 2012
Ooooh Thanksgiving.  The holiday of eating.  I love you!  If you can't tell, that was my plate for our Thanksgiving feast.  Gobble gobble!

Friday November 23, 2012
That's right, I braved the outlet malls on Black Friday.  I don't understand people that are like, "I hate shopping on Black's too crowded, people get trampled and die...yada yada".  Ummm EVERYTHING in J Crew was 50% off.  I wouldn't miss that for the world!

Saturday November 24, 2012
We headed back to Dally bar on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but we had one last stop to make before we officially went home: The PGA Tour Store.  For Austin's birthday/Christmas presents most people are giving him moolah for some new irons.  We went to pick out which ones he wanted.  I found out that I'm bad at golf.

Sunday November 25, 2012
I started wrapping Christmas presents a few Sundays ago!  Yahoo for me!

Monday November 26, 2012
I went grocery shopping a few Mondays ago.  When I was finished loading my goods into my car, I turned around and saw these guys.  Heart attack.  I sprinted to the other side of my car, crawled into the driver's seat through the passenger door, and took a closer look at my attackers.  Some looney toon spilled cornmeal or birdseed or something that birds like to eat in the parking spot next to mine.  What are the odds that this would happen to me?!

Tuesday November 27, 2012
I have been using my crockpot a lot lately.  Austin's mom got me that bad boy for Christmas last year, and I absolutely love it.  I made some ribs on this particular Tuesday.  Here's a link in case you want to try it out!

Wednesday November 28, 2012
Have you ever had to go to the Allen Outlet malls to return a sweater to the Gap and ended up buying two dresses, a sweater, a necklace, two shirts, and a pair of pink jeans?  Yeah, me neither...

Also, please tell me that I'm not the only one who takes pictures of myself in the dressing room to text to friends/fiances when I go shopping alone to get other opinions.  I don't want to be weird.

Thursday November 29, 2012
We found a new hot spot in Dallas last week.  This place is called Craft and Growler.  They have a bunch of local beers on tap, and you can even take them home with you!  You can bring your own container (called a "growler") or you can buy one of those things from them.  It's a very cool place to hang out!

Friday November 30, 2012
I went to see The Nutcracker last Friday with some of my girl friends!  Obviously this kind of activity is right up The Barefoot Ballerina's alley, so I was absolutely giddy.  The ballet was gorgeous, and I had an excuse to wear one of my new dresses!

Saturday December 1, 2012
I don't think I will ever tire of posting pictures of my tiny dancers on here.  Last Saturday GiGi brought her new bulldog puppy to dance class.  I was on cute overload.


  1. Looks like I might soon be taking that same plunge to up the photo storage space on my blog, too. I'm glad you ponied up the money so that I can still see what you are up to!*

    1. I actually thought about just buying my own domain (, but then I remembered that I don't know anything about making a website...