Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bird day

Today is Tuesday January 10th.  That means there are 26 days until I turn the big 2-3.  THAT means it's about time I made my bird day wish list.

I've always felt very lucky that my birthday falls where it does.  It's not SO close to Christmas that I get the dreaded combination "Christmas/Bday present" or have my birthday gifts wrapped in red and green, but it's close ENOUGH to Christmas that if there's something I didn't get from Santa/forgot to ask for, I can request it for my birthday, and I don't have to wait until July to receive it! 
**Note: this birthday theory has been years in the making...I've spent many a day/night perfecting the ideas behind it.  Just like Rome, this concept was not built in a day.

Ok, now that you all understand the ideology behind February 5th, 1989, I can start my list. 

1. Shoes

Now that I am out in the "real world" the sperrys, toms, and flip flops that used to grace my tootsies aren't really cutting it anymore.  I own a decent amount of "dress shoes", but they are all high heels.  High heels are fine, and they make my legs look pretty, but they are not necessarily my shoe of choice whilst rangling a bunch of students.  So, college shoes aren't professional and big girl shoes aren't practical.  Whatever is a teacher in training to do?

Flats.  I need flats.  They're dressy enough that my feet don't scream "teenager", and they're comfortable enough that my feet don't scream.  I did own a few pairs of flats, but over the past few months my collection has dwindled for various reasons.  I had a pretty black pair, but those were deemed my "Carrabba's shoes" and discarded aprroximately 12 minutes after my last shift.  I also had a gold pair that looked just like ballerina slippers, but the sole came off sometime last semester in the middle of a lesson on how to write a thesis statement.  I'm sure this had nothing to do with the fact that these shoes were purchased in October of 2004 for my Sophomore year homecoming dance.  Finally, I have a white pair that are still in excellent condition and have both soles intact, but they are wildly uncomfortable.  Bummer.  So, all of that being siad, here are a few pairs of flats that I think would be just dandy to own in size 8 1/2: 

Available at: Target.com

Also from: Target.com 

Target.com baby

And you guessed it: Target.com

2. A Bookcase

In our dining room, we have a blank wall that needs something.  Also, I have started to build quite the collection of cookbooks, and I need somewhere to put them.  Solution?  Put a bookcase on the blank wall that can hold my books! 

I like how these are kind of modern and trendy:

And I just like this one in general:
3. Cookbooks

Here are a few that I've got my eye on:

The Gourmet Cookbook

Make It Fast, Cook It Slow

Barefoot Contessa at Home

4. Money/Giftcards

You can never go wrong with these two things, ya know?  I'd love a gift card from the following places:

Banana Republic
The Gap

Alright, there we have it.  The two things I want most are shoes and that bookcase.  That's why they're at the top, yo.  I'll report back after the big day and let y'all know about my loot!

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