Saturday, January 14, 2012

a trip to the lake

Last weekend, we went to the lake.  

It was kind of a spur of the moment trip, but I'm so glad we went.  The group included a handful of us from Dallas, some Houston pals, and even a friend from Austin.  It was so great to see A&M friends that we haven't seen since graduation back in May, and shout out to our friend, Ryan (aka "Cobra"), and the rest of the Gentry family for letting us use their amazing lake house for the weekend.  

Obviously we did not partake in any water activities, but we had a great time all the same.  Everyone got there pretty late on Friday night, so we just hung out for awhile and then called it a night.  On Saturday, we did lots of things that you do while you're at the lake!

Like play washers: 


Grillmaster Zac
And feed the deer:

Feeding the deer was probably my favorite part of the trip.  I don't know that I've ever been so close to a deer before, and I liked it!  

Ryan was kind enough to take all of the girls out to our deer feeding adventure while the rest of the boys stayed inside and watched football.  Here's all of us girlies in the golf cart:

So, we drove and drove....

...and finally found some deer to feed!  

Ryan held the bucket, and attempted to get these wild beasts to eat out of his hands.

"Hereeee deery deery deeeeeeer.  I have yummy corn for y'all!"

Ok, he didn't really say that.  But I bet he was thinking it!

Either way, Ryan must have done something right with that bucket o' feed because take a look at this pack of deer that came running up to us when he shook it:


After we marveled at the majestic animals that roam free in nature, it was time for dinner.

We had: bacon-wrapped, cream cheese filled dove to start, chicken fried venison and grilled venison for the main course, and some pork sausage on the side.  Sorry nature.  Sorry majestic animals.  We were hungry.

We topped the weekend off with a win from those Texans.

What a glorious way to spend the weekend.

I think we'll go back soon.

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