Wednesday, July 11, 2012

project 365 vol. 26

Sunday July 1, 2012
Last Sunday I went to Central Market to get myself some lunch.  They have the BEST prepared food section, and since Austin wasn't around (he was in Houston asking my parents for my little ol' hand in marriage), I thought I'd give it a shot.  I ended up with this parmesan basil tortellini, and I added some basil pesto and lots of grated parm.  Holy cow...this was major yum.  And the whole shootin' match was only about 5 ducks!  Definitely something I will partake in again.

Monday July 2, 2012
I LOVE ICE CREAM.  Actually, I consider myself to be somewhat of an ice cream expert because there's not a whole lot that I don't know about ice cream.  I used to work at Coldstone Creamery, so I'm excellent at scoopin' and pairing toppings with flavors.  I've also had my share of spoonfuls...everything from Ben and Jerry's to good ol' fashioned Blue Bell.  However, I have to say, this Haagen Dazs creme brulee might be the best I've ever tasted.  I could eat this all day long and have some more for dessert.  If you're a fan of regular creme brulee, you MUST try this.  It's the law.

Tuesday July 3, 2012
Tuesday night was the start of a very exciting week/weekend.  Austin's friend, Kyle, came into town, so we hit up Top Golf to show him what Dally bar is all about.  I ordered these cute little sliders.  Not only are they precious, but they're also pretty darn good for coming from a "bar" kitchen.  Way to go Top Golf!

Wednesday July 4, 2012
In case you haven't heard, Austin and I got engaged last Wednesday.  It was a pretty great night.  My ring is currently being sized, so I am having diamond withdrawals.  My fiance is still around though, so I think I'll survive :)

Thursday July 5, 2012
We had a little wedding rehearsal to go to on Thursday.  Nothing like a wedding to really put me in the engagement spirit!  It was so much fun to see how everything went down, and I was definitely making tons of mental notes.

Friday July 6, 2012
Friday was the big day: Blake and Terra Laine's wedding!  It was such a fun night, and I loved seeing Austin with all of his H-town buddies.  Don't they all look so handsome?!  They really clean up nice!

Saturday July 7, 2012
Saturday was a day to kind of get back into the normal groove of things.  We said our goodbyes to the Houston crew, ate some lunch, hung out at the pool, and then grabbed dinner at one of our new favorite spots: Bryan Street Tavern.  If you're ever in Dallas and have a hankering for wings, go to this place.  Their wings are the booooomb.  Then, when you're done lickin' your wing-y fingers, you can play some pool or shuffleboard or air hockey.  It's a fun spot!

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