Friday, July 27, 2012

sytycd: from 16 to 14

We started the night out with 16 dancers dressed up like Charlie Chaplin.  Tyce Diorio choreographed the routine, and I enjoyed it for the most part.  I did not like that I can’t get the image of Amelia wearing a mustache out of my head, but I did like the movement!  Very different, but very whimsical.

After the opening number, Cat introduced Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Christina Applegate.  She also told us that 2 more people were going home and that the show won’t be on for two whole weeks because of the Olympics…boo!  I mean, I’m super pumped for the games, but I will miss me some SYTYCD!

Tiffany and George were up first with a NappyTabs Hip Hop routine.  Whoa!  I loved this dance…it was cheesy and loud, but it a really fun way.  I thought the costumes and set were really great too.  Excellent way to kick off the show!

Cute Cute Cute!
The next couple was a new duo, Amber and Brandon, and they did a Jazz routine.  I have to say, Brandon is a much better partner for Amber than Nick was.  I still am not the biggest fan of Amber, but I did enjoy this number.  Maybe a liiiiiittle racy for television (like Nigel said, “baby making choreography" haha), but still great to watch!

Dareian and Janelle were up next with a Cha Cha choreographed by SYTYCD alum, Pasha! I love Pasha, but really?  You’re going to tarnish my favorite summer jam by letting Janelle dance to it?  The routine sucked.  I loved the judges comments though…they really let them have it.  Oh, and we also learned that Janelle can “rap”.  She gives me a new reason to hate her each and every week. 

Something tells me that Carly would not call to vote for Janelle.  Maybe.
Cole and Lindsay did a Contemporary dance next.  Mandy Moore (not the actress) is one of my favorite choreographers on this show, and she did not disappoint!  There were a few little hiccups throughout the routine, but it had a wonderful spirit overall. I love that Lindsay is a ballroom dancer that can actually do other types of dance!

The next dance was another Mandy Moore number!  This time it was a Jazz routine with Amelia and Will, and I thought Mandy was 2 for 2.  The number was so interesting and quirky, and I really enjoyed it.  I was kind of nervous that Will’s pants were going to rip, but other than that I was diggin’ it!

Watch those pantaloons, brotha... 
My favorite couple was up next!  Matthew and Audrey did a Salsa (yucky…I don’t like ballroom!!), and they were decked out in red red red.  I don’t know a whole lot about ballroom, so I can’t really discuss their technique, but I thought the chemistry and partnering between them was pretty good.  I could definitely tell that they were both nervous about doing Salsa, and the music was so weird!  Hopefully these two will be safe next week!

Perfect Couple Award :)
Chehon and Whitney took on a Stacey Tookey Contemporary routine next.  WOWZA!! Loved loved loved it!  If you didn’t watch on Wednesday night, you have to youtube this dance right now.  It was definitely one of my favorites from this season so far.   

Cyrus and Eliana were the last couple of the night.  They did a NappyTabs Hip Hop, and I thought it was such a cool, creative number!  I have to agree with what Austin (isn’t he the best fianc√© ever to watch SYTYCD with me!?) said about it though: “Cyrus is so good that it makes Eliana look bad”. 

Sweet face, Eliana.
Ok.  Dancing over.  Business time. 

The bottom three girls were Amber (thank goodness), Lindsay, and Eliana (YES!).  The boys were George (BOO), Brandon, and Dareian (goody).  The judges decided they wanted to see a solo from Amber, Eliana, Brandon and Dareian.  The judges ended up saving Lindsay and Georgie Boy which made me happy happy, but they also saved Eliana and Dareian.  Why?!  Dareian couldn't point his feet if his life depended on it, and Eliana is quite possibly the most annoying contestant I've ever seen (Besides Comfort.  And Janelle.  And Joshua.  And Benji). Oh well, at least Amber is gone.  

Here are my quick stats:

Favorite boy right now: Matthew  

Favorite girl right now: Audrey

Boy I hope goes home: Dareian

Girl I hope goes home: JANELLE  

Best dance of the night: Whitney and Chehon's Contemporary!! Soooo gooooooood!

Worst dance of the night: Dareian and Janelle's Cha Cha...can these two please go home?

SYTYCD Flashback for the week:

This is a NappyTabs Hip Hop from season 4, and there are so many things I love about this dance!!

1) The story isn't cheesy!
2) Chelsea is a ballroom dancer that can actually do other forms of dance!
3) You get a close up of Mark's crooked pinky finger!
4) Both of these dancers look AWESOME in this routine!

I'll see ya after the Olympics for what's sure to be a great show (since they have lots of extra time to prepare)!  

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