Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the whitlow wedding

This past weekend we had a very special wedding!  Austin's best friend and college roomie, Blake, got married to a wonderful gal named Terra Laine.  Austin was the Best Man, so we got to be a part of the whole shebang.

Things started on Thursday evening at the rehearsal dinner.

My view from the pew 

Here are the boys practicing their groomsmen stance.  Don't they look pumped?  Haha

And here are the bride and groom!  

After all of the practicing was over, we headed over to Feedstore BBQ for some dinner.  We were handed some meal tickets, and we got our food.

Chopped Brisket, Turkey, Mac n Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, and Rolls
Blackberry Cobbler for dessert :)
The food at this place was great!  I wish I could eat that turkey all day every day.  I think everyone had a great time chatting about the big day and eating lots of yummy BBQ.

After dinner was over, Blake and Terra Laine handed out the groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts.  The bridesmaids got a cute duffel bag with a "wedding day survival kit" inside, and the groomsmen got these personalized mugs:

Austin's says: "A-HEEZY Best Man July 6, 2012"
Our friend Kyle didn't waste any time putting his mug to use...

Once the festivities were over we all trotted back to the hotel, hung out for a little bit, and then farmer's fight called it a night.  We had a wedding to get ready for!

Friday the 6th was the big day.  We woke up, ate lunch, got some last minute supplies (i.e. wine), and headed to the hotel to get ready!  Austin had to be ready earlier for pictures and such, so I helped him suit up.

"How does this thing work?!"
The wedding ceremony was really pretty.  I loved how the background of the stage was a slide of Blake and TL's names with a big W in the middle.  Clever idea!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Blake Whitlow!

The reception was at the Cowboy's Golf Course in Grapevine, and it was beautiful.  I just love wedding receptions.  So much fun and love and dancing and cake!  

The first dance <3
Here I am with my hunky date.  We had a prime seat at the table right by the two most important things: the dance floor and the cake!

Here is the lovely bride's cake:

And the groom's cake:

After our yummy dinner of fish, veggies, salad, and bread, it was time to cut the cake...

...and for Austin to give his speech!  Austin's toast was great.  I love how great of a friendship Austin and Blake have.  

Actually, I love the friendship that all of these boys have!  These are Austin's best friends from high school, and they are still all great friends.    

Austin, Jeremy, Blake, and Kyle
Needless to say, we had an amazing time, and we are both so happy for Blake and Terra Laine.  They are such a great couple!  

I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!  Here's one last picture from the wedding...the cutest little thing I've ever seen:

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