Friday, July 20, 2012

sytycd recap: from 20 to 16

**Warning: I am not happy about the results from Wednesday night.  So, sorry if the following post is snippy.

The show started out with a big group number to a remixed Marilyn Manson song choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.  I thought the beginning with half-human half-skull Cyrus was a little strange, but the actual dance was siiiiiiick (that's my attempt at "talking street").  The movement was so powerful!  Loved it. 

Cat gave us a quick run-down of how the evening was going to work (results at the end of the show, 6 dancers will be in the bottom, the judges will save their favorite 2), and then they talked about stamps and tomatoes. 

The first couple was Lindsay (ballroom) and Cole (Karate Kid).  They did a Christopher Scott Hip Hop.  Again…I don’t understand the stories!  It was a cool routine, but that big dentist chair was too much for me.  Also, can anyone explain to me why Cole was still in his “nerd” character while the judges were giving critiques?  What a weirdo.   

Amelia (Contemporary) and Will (Contemporary) were next up with a Sonya Contemporary routine.  I love this new Sonya!! Softer, not as creepy, still quirky but in a beautiful way! 

Amber (Contemporary) and Nick (Ballroom) did a Tango next.  It is so obvious to me that these two are really not too thrilled to be partners.  They have like zero chemistry, but the judges liked it, so what do I know?

The next routine was another one by Sonya.  We got to see a shirtless Matthew (Contemporary) and Audrey (Jazz) do a more traditional Sonya Jazz.  The choreography was so cool, and Audrey’s legs are just ridiculous.  It was a great routine.  Super powerful.  I just love this couple too!!

The fifth couple to take the floor was Janelle (Bellydancer) and Dareian (Contemporary).  They did a Hip Hop(?) to “My Girl” by The Temptations, and in the end Dareian proposed!  I think I would’ve liked this routine a lot if two other dancers would’ve done it instead of Janelle and Dareian.  I just don’t really like this pairing…probably because I don’t really like Janelle.

A Broadway dance was next up!  Janaya (Contemporary) and Brandon (Stepper) did a great job!  This is one instance where I do not mind a cheesy story.  I thought both of the dancers did an awesome job getting into character and dancing.  There was also a crazy lift flippy thing at the end that made my eyeballs go wide.  Super fun and super cute! 

Next, Eliana (Ballet) and Cyrus (Annimator) attempted a Jive.  Cyrus gave it his best effort, and it was kind of meh.  BUT he was wearing a really big belt buckle, so it was ok.  Eliana did a good job, but she still annoys me.     

Alexa (Contemporary) and Daniel (Ballet) were up next, and they did a Contemporary!  Eeeep!  I died.  The bathtub was a really great prop, and I loved the costuming.  Alexa’s hair was my favorite part.  The judges kept talking about how something was missing, and I guess I kiiind of agree.  Only kind of though.  The dancing was perfect, but I wish that there would have been more dynamics and maybe a big moment in the choreography.   

The next couple, George (Contemporary) and Tiffany (Jazz), did a Foxtrot.  I think Foxtrot is my favorite style of the “Ballroom” genre.  I love how old fashioned and classy it is.  I also love this couple.  I thought they were magical.

The last couple of the night was Witney (Ballroom) and Chehon (Ballet), and they did my least favorite style of dance ever, Baliwood.  Puke.  I really wish that SYTYCD would just get rid of this style because I’m pretty sure all of the dancers dread doing it on the show.  I thought that Chehon looked like a real-life Aladdin up there though, so that was entertaining. 

After all of the dancing was over, it was time to get down to business.  Cat announced, very abruptly, that Witney, Alexa, and Janaya were the bottom three girls.  Nick, Daniel, and Chehon were the bottom three boys.  I almost kicked the TV! Daniel and Alexa in the bottom?!?!?!!  What is going on here?      

While we were waiting on the final results, the cast of Step Up 4 performed.  Their routine was awesome!  I’ve never seen any of the Step Up movies, but that performance kind of peaked my interest…

After a commercial break we found out that the judges wanted to save Whitney and Chehon.  That meant that Alexa, Janaya, Nick, and Daniel were going home.  BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am SO heated.  How is Alexa, a fabulous dancer, going home over that dumb Bellydancing girl?!  Why did Daniel get sent home and I have to watch Karate Kid dance again next week?  It’s gonna take me awhile to get over this one.

Alright, here’s my quick rundown:

Favorite boy right now: Matthew

Favorite girl right now: (since my old favorite got voted off!) Audrey

Boy I hope goes home: Cole

Girl I hope goes home: Janelle

Best dance of the night:  Alexa and Daniel’s Contemporary (Janaya and Brandon’s Broadway was a close second)

Worst dance of the night: Eliana and Cyrus’s Jive

SYTYCD Flashback of the week:

Since we didn't get to see any Travis Wall routines on the show this week, I thought I'd bring one here! This is from the season when they brought in some all stars to help out the top 10 contestants.  Travis choreographed this dance with his mom in mind (she was sick with cancer at the time).  Robert is supposed to be Travis and Allison is his mom.  Love it!  

...Here's to hoping that more of my favorites don't get the boot next week!

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