Friday, July 13, 2012

sytycd recap: top 20

Alright, so I've decided to start doing a post every week to recap/pay tribute to my favorite TV show of all time: So You Think You Can Dance!!

This week it was the Top 20!

The show started with all of the contestants doing a lyrical hip hop routine choreographed by Christopher Scott.  I thought it was super original and really well choreographed.  Very interesting to watch.  Very Mad Men-esque.  I also love how Alexa is always in the front of every group routine.  She should be in the front, and so I’m glad she is!

After the dance, Cat came out rockin’ some super tan legs and introduced the judges: Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Kenny Ortega.  Nigel announced that two boys and two girls will be getting the boot next week.  Dun dun dunnnn. 
The first couple to dance was Chehon (Ballet) and Whitney (Ballroom), and they did a little Latino routine.  Lucky Whitney.  As expected, Chehon was a little stiff thanks to his “ballerino” background, but the dance was still pretty good.  It was a cute way to start the show, but I couldn’t remember much of it by the end of the show.    

Tiffany (Jazz) and George (Contemporary) were next.  I LOVE this partnership, and I really liked their routine.  I was surprised to see Sonja do contemporary, but it was some great choreography.

The third couple was Janaya (Contemporary) and Brandon (Stepper), and they did a NappyTabs Hip Hop routine about an alcoholic man and his significant other.  In the end, Brandon chose Janaya over the hard stuff, and they lived happily ever after.  I honestly don’t understand why there always has to be such an elaborate back-story behind all of the NappyTabs routines.  I loved the movement, but I don’t think it needed the water-bottle-in-a-paper-bag-disguised-to-look-like-some-hooch prop. 

See the goofy prop?
Alexa (Contemporary) and Daniel (Ballet) were up next, and they did a little Jazzy Jazz dance.  I thought it was a cool routine, and I loved the ending on the big ol’ prop!  

The next couple was Amber (Contemporary) and Nick (Ballroom).  This was a really weird pairing for me for a number of reasons.  1) I don’t really like Amber 2) They did a Viennese Waltz ßborrrriinnggg 3) They danced to “Knights in White Satin” which is one of the songs that I had to dance to in high school during the band/dance team halftime show and 4) The shoes that Amber was wearing were not doing her any favors in terms of pointing her feet.

Amelia (Contemporary) and Will (Contemporary) were up next, and they did another NappyTabs Hip Hop routine.  I thought this routine was supa great.  It looks like NappyTabs have been taking some cues from Mr. Bob Fosse.  The thing is, is that I really don’t know how I feel about Amelia.  Thank goodness they put some black tights over those legs of hers (she is mega pale), but I think she still looks/acts kind of like a goof.  I think I could take her or leave her.  Will, on the other hand, I love!  So cute!

I'm blind! 
The next couple was Janelle (Bellydancer) and Dareian (Contemporary), and they did an African Jazz dance.  In the video before they actually danced, Janelle got hurt (AGAIN).  Get it together woman!  She had to sit out last week because she was injured, and her first rehearsal back she hurt her stomach (?).  She annoys me.  I do like Dareian, but I wish that he had better feet!!

Eliana (Ballet) and Cyrus (Animator) took on a Broadway routine next, and even though I despise Eliana, I still liked the dance.  I could definitely tell that Tyce watered down the dance for Cyrus, but I reallllllly like him, so I don’t care.

Audrey (Jazz) and Matthew (Contemporary) did a Travis Wall dance next.  WOW WOW WOW!!! I love when Travis choreographs for this show!  And to top it all off, Travis put the guy who looks like Ryan Gosling in suspenders and created a dance based on one of the best movies ever: Titanic.  I was sitting alone in my apartment squealing with joy on this one.  Way to go Trav, Audrey, and Matthew!

The last couple of the night was Lindsay (Ballroom) and Cole (Karate Kid), and they did a Paso Doble.  If you don’t know, a Paso Doble is basically just a super intense and dramatic Latin dance.  I usually don’t enjoy them, and this one was no exception.  However, I do really like Lindsay…she’s one of the few ballroom dancers on any season of SYTYCD that I actually like to watch!

Alright, so here are my quick thoughts:

Favorite boy right now: George

Favorite girl right now: Alexa

Girls I hope go home: Amber and Janelle

Boys I hope go home: Cole (this is not SYTYC Karate Chop) and Nick

Best dance of the night: Audrey and Matthew’s Contemporary Titanic tribute!!!

Worst dance of the night: Amber and Nick’s Viennese Waltz

Aaaaaand the SYTYCD throwback for this week:

Kameron and Lacey doing a Mia Michaels Contemporary back in Season 3!  I love this routine.  Oh, and fun fact about the barefoot ballerina:  I met Kameron a few years ago!

Until next week guys!  Na Na Na Naaaa....SYTYCD D D D!


  1. I love this post. haha. The Travis Wall routine was awesome! :)

    Ugh, I can't watch Amelia. She drives me nuts. She plays up her weird card too much. That dance would have been cool if it wasn't her...

    1. I totally agree. They should've given her the boot in Vegas when they asked her to dance for her life.