Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Well I hope all the papas out there had a wonderful day yesterday!  I went to Austin this weekend to meet up with my Dad and some of his family.  I got there Saturday afternoon, and we went to lunch at this place called Cherry Creek.  They have really yummy catfish and shrimp, but the reason we like going there is because they have THE BEST fried green tomatoes in the world.  We gobbled up as many of those as we could, and then spent the rest of the day over at my dad's cousin's house.  Here's a picture of me, my cousin, Alisa, my dad, and Mimi at Cherry Creek:

For dinner that night we went to a Mexican restaurant called Seranos.  The food was good, but the margs were better :)

On Sunday morning we pretty much got up, ate breakfast (I brought my dad doughnuts), and then I had to hit the road because I had to work at 4:00.  So, it was a short trip, but I'm glad I got to spend time with my pops on father's day weekend!  

Do you ever notice how no matter how many times you check your bag, or go over your packing list you always seem to forget something when you go out of town?  Well, that always alwaysss happens to me.  This weekend I forgot my face moisturizer.  I didn't think it was a huge deal, but once I got out of the shower I realized that my face would be raisin-like for the day if I didn't get some kind of lotion on there stat.  So my search began.  I didn't want to totally ransack the house we were staying in, but I figured I could investigate a little.  However, all of the lotions I found smelled like some kind of flower or kitchen ingredient, and I really didn't want to go around smelling like that all day.  So, I had to resort to my grandma's gigantic pink overnight bag...that thing was like a black hole of beauty supplies, dental hygiene products, and other miscellanious items that I can't even describe.  But in that Mary Poppins bag is where I struck gold--in one of the seventeen side pockets I discovered "Olay's Age Defying Daily Moisturizer and 15 spf Sunscreen".  Jackpot.  I slathered some of that stuff on, and was good to go.  So, if I look younger the next time you see me you'll know why.

I'll leave you with two random pictures from this weekend.  The first is my dad posing next to a picture that's hanging on the wall at Cherry Creek, and the second is me with some new earrings that I found at Seranos.
My cousin, Josh, thinks that my dad looks like the guy in the picture right above Jimbo's thumb...

I hope everyone has a great week!



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