Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Surprise.

I just received a wonderful surprise in the mail!  One of my best friends in the world, Kaway (Kaitlin + Whelan = KaWay), sent me my graduation present, and it was the perfect ending to my 7 hour school day. Here's what my package contained:
The card says: You worked your butt off, and it shows!
If y'all don't know I love love loveeee Alvin and the Chimpmunks, and so this little beanie is perfect :) There was also a little present inside the card if you know what I mean thank you thank you to Kaway and her fam!!

On another note: I've been in school for a week plus one day now, and I have a little problem.  The class is downtown in a big sky scraper, and so I have to park in a parking garage.  Now this normally would not be a big deal.  However, there are a few inhabitants of this parking garage that I am not too fond of.  I guess the technical term for these critters would be "pigeons", but I think they look more like some kind of mutant cross between a pigeon and a large chicken.  Seriously, these things are HUGE.  As most of you know my number one fear in the whole world is birds of any kind, so you can only image how terrified I am of these chigeons.  Almost every day as I walk from my car in the morning and to my car in the afternoon, without fail, at least one chigeon will violently flap its wings and fly off over my head.  Terrifying.  That is nothing compared to what happened to me on Friday though.  As I was waiting to exit the garage on my lunch break I was daydreaming about the sonic cheeseburger, tots, and cherry limeade that were in my near future.  Just as my mouth started to water a pack of chigeons decided to take flight, and apparently my car was in the way, so instead of just flying over it they landed on my car!!!!  I almost had a heart attack, for real.  I was screaming, honking my horn, and doing anything I could think of (except accelerate) to get these birds of prey off of me.  Meanwhile the rent a cop security guard was just laughing her head off.  Um, thanks for the help lady!!  I finally got the bright idea to just move my car, and they flew off, but boy was that ever traumatic.  I think it's safe to say that my fear of birds isn't going anywhere any time soon...

Here's some pics to prove my A&TC obsession:
Before going to see the movie! 

Kaway and me with the Alvin poster :)

I'm about to eat dinner and then head off to work.  Happy Monday everyone!!

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