Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Update.

Welp, it's the end of my second official weekend in Dally bar.  On Friday after I got back from my teacher certification class I came home and discovered that I have been missing out on something for my entire life so far: storage wars.  If you've never heard of this show...yikes, you're missing out sister!  Basically, these two guys buy storage units that are full of people's old "junk" that turns out to be worth tons of money about 20% of the time.  I was glued to the TV for about 2 hours watching as they found old guns, vintage china, a coffin (gew), toy cars worth $2,000, and tons of other cool stuff, and then I feel asleep because I was exhausted after my week of school.  I woke up to Austin making some yummy turkey tacos, and we munched on those while we continued our storage wars marathon.  Later that night we met up with Blake (Austin's best good friend from La Porte) and his fiance, Terra Laine.  TL and I chatted about their wedding (because what else would we talk about?!), and Austin and Blake watched sports and talked to TL's dad about some old sports guy.  Wayne Jetski or something like that.

On Saturday I went to a review for the test I have to take to get my teacher certification, and I found out that it's been a looooong time since I've done 8th grade math.  I may need to get my sister to tutor me before the big test since she could probably do this stuff while blindfolded and standing on her head.  After 6 hours of walking down middle school memory lane I came back home and Austin and I embarked on a very "couple-y" adventure.  First, we ate at this BBQ place that Austin's been wanting to try called "Red, Hot, and Blue".  It's supposed to be more Tennessee inspired, and we both got the chopped pork sandwich with ribs, potato salad, and cole slaw.  Yummo.  I also had a giant margarita which was also delish.  After dinner we took a riveting trip to Linens n Things where we purchased a few miscellaneous kitchen items, and had a debate about tervis tumblers.  Then we went to WalMart to buy True Grit.  We came home and watched True Grit and Austin packed because he went home to La Porte today.  Here's some pictures of our Tennessee BBQ experience:

My favorite part was the potato was SO good!

The perfect end to a week of school...
Today Austin and I went to church.  We've started going to a local church here in Carrollton called Bent Tree Fellowship.  Austin's old boss invited us to come a couple of Sundays ago, and we both really like it.  It's a good mix of the contemporary-type church that I'm used to and the traditional one that Austin grew up with.  After church we went to our favorite place in the world: Chipotle (or as we refer to it: Choppers).  We came back to the apartment for a bit and then Blake came to pick up Austin and they drove to LP.  Austin is going home for the week because his mom is having surgery on Wednesday and he is playing nurse.  I'm coming to Sugar Land this weekend to visit Jimbo for Father's Day, and Austin is hitching a ride back to Dallas with me on Sunday.  After ATX and Blake left I went grocery shopping for the week and then went to work.  If y'all haven't heard I'm working as a hostess at Carrabba's, and so far I'm not hating it!  I definitely didn't mind the training part where I got to eat for free :)  I'm currently laying in bed watching When Harry Met Sally--one of my all time favorites ("waiter there is too much pepper in my poppycash").  I figured that since Austin is gone this could be chick flick week at the old apartment.

So there you have it...a weekend of good food,  reviewing the quadratic formula, passing out kids menus, and Matt Damon wearing chaps.  I hope everyone else had a good one!  Also, here's a picture of Austin and me at the Rangers game last week.  I'll always be an Astros fan at heart, but we couldn't pass up free tickets and $7 world series t-shirts that they were trying to get rid of!
Let's Go Rangers *clap clap clap clap clap*

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