Thursday, June 23, 2011

Visitors & Pizza

This week has been busy busy, but lots of fun :)  Austin is back...yay!!!  He hitched a ride back to Dallas with my Uncle Scott and cousin Shane on Monday, and the three of them had a boys night at the Rangers game while I was at work.  The Rangers were playing the Astros (known as the disastros around our apartment these days), and Scott & Austin were rooting for the 'stros while Shane was going for the Rangers.  Shane and Scott had a bet that whichever team lost had to give the winning team a foot rub.  I'm sad to say that our boys form H-town couldn't pull it off, so Scott was stuck rubbing Shane's smelly feet haha.  It was fun having our first house guests on Monday night.  On Tuesday morning the burrito fairy paid us a visit, so we all got to eat yummy breakfast tacos.

I worked on Tuesday night, but I had the day off yesterday, so me and Austin were productive!  We woke up around 10:30, had our morning coffee/hot chocolate (I will vom if I drink coffee), and then hit up Wally world.  I swear I don't even know why I shop there...every time I go to Walmart there is some sort of problem.  Yesterday the issue was that they were out of pretty much ALL of their refrigerated/frozen foods because their power was knocked out by a storm we had on Tuesday night.  And of course a good majority of our list was cold food.  Way to blow the game Walmart.  So we bought what we needed that wasn't cold, and then got out of there.  Then we ran errands (bank, dry cleaners, etc), and went to our apartment gym to work on our beach bods.  I also did some laund-o and cleaned the casa a little bit.  Then it was party time baby.  Austin and I went over to our friend Caesar's house to make dinner and watch So You Think You Can Dance.  How delish does this pizza look?

Yeah, Austin, Caesar, and I scarfed that down faster than you can whistle dixie.  I got the recipe from another blog that I read....I make stuff from this girl all the time, and it always turns out really yummy.  Here's the recipe for the pizza: eat live run.  I just used the crust recipe, and then we added our own toppings--mozzarella, pepperonis, and pineapple.  Yum!!  Here's some pics from the baking process:

Austin or Pete the pizza maker?
Before the oven...
After the oven...
Ta Da!!

Today we just kind of lounged around, did some laundry, and then I had to work.  I'm working a double tomorrow, but I have Saturday off so I'm sure we will get into some fun adventures!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

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